Where Are You Most Worn?

I love my boot socks…..especially the ones I find at J.Jill {my favorite clothing store}.

When I saw this picture several weeks ago…..I got warm fuzzies in my heart because I knew that it was almost time to get my boot socks out….and wear them every day. {A NEW pair every day, mind you—-not the same pair. Usually.} Did I say that I love my boot socks? Ok, just making sure.


When I finally did get them out and put them on….I realized that almost every pair was very worn on the toe. It was only a matter of time.  It made me sad.

I’ve been a knitter for a long time, so I know how to darn socks….and it’s much better to darn a sock before there is a huge hole.  As a dancer, my weight is always on the balls of my feet–which means the toes of my socks will always be the first to go. It is the area that gets the most wear and tear—and resistance.

Got me thinking. What part of my faith gets the most wear and tear?  Where is there the most friction? My relationships? Finances? Trusting God? Where are there areas that need to be renewed {darned}?  If they are ignored—-there will be holes.

What puts the most wear and tear on my faith—what area is the “first to go”?  What area of my faith is most worn? I think for me it might be trust—that’s a biggie, and encompasses so much.  I can look back over the past several years and see that there has been a lot of wear and tear in this area—and if I am not careful, there’s going to be a big hole.

I will have to be intentional about darning this worn spot.  It’s much harder to fix a hole.

What about you? Where does your faith get the most worn?

Better get to darning~




Love to hear from you guys.......

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