Being With Who You Are With…..

Here is what the office desk looks like at night….when our kids have friends that sleepover.  We have a house rule…at night all cell phones have to be on the desk, turned off or on silent.  Even for our kids’ friends.

We have lots of kids over here.  I love it! But I think it is important to pass on to this next generation the blessing of being with who you are with in person.

It’s important to us to enjoy who we are with…in person.  If it is someone’s first night here, we get some funny looks.  But they comply, and in the end are really glad that they did.  Out of our 3 children…only one of them has a cell phone, and that is only because he can drive; but almost all of our children’s friends have cell phones.

I am so glad to see that our children value face to face communication and quality time with people—over a neat little gadget.  We’ve taught our children that these gadgets are a wonderful tool, and that we appreciate them and enjoy the blessing of having them—-but they are only a tool to be used. They cannot replace people/in person relationships. In a world that promotes otherwise–it takes intention to pass that on to our children.

I have a basket with a fun little note that says:

Be with the friends that are here.”

I pull it out when needed….during a movie night or middle school girls’ bible study.  It’s funny—I’ve noticed this year that I have not had to pull it out during the middle school girls’ bible study so far.  They’ve learned over the years to just not even take out their cell phone during our time together. 🙂 So, the basket has not been needed. SCORE! I love it!

If you have children—how do you handle teaching them how important it is to give their attention to the ones they are with at the time?  Or what boundaries do you have with cell phones at your home?





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