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The following post is reprinted from Home Stories A to Z…Beth Hunter! A wonderful blogger….I am an avid follower! 🙂

She is hosting a giveaway from our new etsy shop! Hop on over to her site and enter to win!


Post by Beth Hunter at Home Stories A to Z:

Daune from Cottage in the Oaks is a talented blogger, etsy shop owner, and my latest sponsor! Yay!

Want a sneak peek into some of the items she is currently offering in her shop? Well, here you go!

Buying handmade this Christmas is something you can feel good about! I encourage you to browse her shop and see if any gifts catch your eye. (Gifting yourself is perfectly acceptable as well. :) )

To help spread the word on her fantastic shop, Daune is giving away this adorable “Let It Snow” banner! Perfect for your mantel, above an entryway, or across a mirror!

Each Let It Snow banner is hand lettered in silver acrylic and dusted with silver German glass glitter. Each letter measures approximately 5.5″ x 8.5″ and the total length of the entire banner is approximately 88″.

To enter the giveaway please follow the directions in the widget below. (If you’re reading this in a feed, hop on over to the blog to enter.)


What are you waiting for?  Get on over there and enter!


Love to hear from you guys.......

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