The Glamour of Aunt Shirley…..

My great aunt lived an incredibly glamorous life.

She went to Hollywood when she was only 16….and immediately became a part of the film industry.

Her friends were the big names of Hollywood…..she owned houses all over

Burbank, Hollywood, LA, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas

She traveled the world.

The summers spent with her …. on the set at Universal in Hollywood…and on the sets when she traveled to the East Coast

to do films….will always be treasured memories.  So much fun.

I spent time with amazing people and had incredible adventures!

When she died almost 3 years ago I became one of the honored heirs of not only her legacy,

but her many wonderful material items that she had collected over her lifetime.

Many of them now grace our home…full of stories and history.

She only liked the best….in everything!  Nothing spared.

Many of the items were given to her by big name celebrities.

My middle daughter has Lucille Ball’s dressing table and makeup mirror in her room right now.

My youngest daughter has Doris Day’s pink chintz dressing valet in hers.

I enjoy wearing jewelry that was a gift to her from Barbra Streisand.

We have boxes and boxes of notes and letters from celebrities that were written to my Aunt Shirley.

We have a Russian Mink coat that she purchased while in Russia working on Dr. Zhivago.

The list could go on and on…..if all these items could talk!

We know the stories behind many of them because she told us, or we were there to see.

But there are many that we only know a bit about….but know there is more.

We have spent the past 3 years sorting through a lifetime of collections.

Jewelry was one of her main weaknesses….she had more jewelry than a jewelry store.

Most of it we are keeping….but there are some chosen pieces that we have decided to offer

for sale; and so we have opened an etsy shop just for those pieces called

Hollywood & Vine

I chose to name it that because anytime we visited her we would travel down to

the Hollywood neighborhood and eat at The Brown Derby…on the corner of

Hollywood and Vine. 🙂

I am offering these pieces at 1/2 their appraisal value…..a great deal, if you love fine, unique, estate jewelry.

I would love it for you to visit the shop and come back here and let me know what your favorite piece is!

If you know anyone that likes estate jewelry….this is a great opportunity to find a treasure.

Please share Hollywood & Vine with them!

Hey, it’s Christmas!  Great gifts await!

Let me know what you think…..

Here’s a snapshot of some of the items:

Have a super weekend~


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