The Dust Bunnies Are Wrangled {I think}

Well, the cookies are baked {ok, they are ALMOST baked..I’m working on it},

The punch is made,

The halls are decked,

And I think MOST of the dust bunnies have been wrangled.

This weekend is our big, annual Christmas Party.

One of our favorite days of the  year!

Our party started 17 years ago when we moved into Oak Cottage.

We moved in at the end of October….had a two month old….and didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood.

So we thought a party would be a great way to meet everyone.

So, with a 2 month old in a sling….we invited all the neighbors and some friends; and had a great time meeting new

people and creating new relationships.  We had about 30 people that first year.

It has grown over the years.  The invite list is much broader…and we

usually have around 200 in and out during these fleeting few hours each year.

It is an honor to serve our family and friends…offer a respite in the middle of a busy season.

We love having people in our home.  I feel that hospitality is so very important… for all of us.

It is a time to serve.  To make people feel special…because, they are, ya know.

It is not a time to show anything off…or try to impress.

It is a time to pour into others….and minister.

Sure…we clean, decorate, serve great food, make sure there is a roaring fire, do our best to wrangle the dust bunnies….

These are things done to HONOR your guest….to let them know that they are worth it.

I hope I got all the dryer lint that fell from upstairs onto the tree off yesterday.

But, even if I missed some…..our guests will know that they have entered a perfectly imperfect home,

and we did try our best to serve them well.  It will just be a fun laugh and memory.

We’ve had lots of funny things happen over 17  years of parties…..a lot can happen in 17 years!

Whew!  But….it was not out of slackness…just human-ness.  Great memories.

It’s great to make people laugh….and it seems God has chosen our family to

do that  A LOT…whether we are in compliance or not! 🙂

So, I encourage you….open your doors this  year.

Whether it be for only 1 or 2…..or 100 or 200.

Deck your halls….your way.

Wrangle your dust bunnies the best you can.

Prepare or buy some yummy food.

And serve.

It will be fun.

And if your tree has dryer lint in it….never fear!

It will probably be all the rage next year at Anthropologie!

Send them the idea…..they will create dryer lint garlands,

vintage dryer lint ornaments,

recycled dryer lint dish cloths, even!

See, with your goofs and imperfections you could be starting a trend.

{I think I will give them a call today.}

I wish you a grand weekend…if I can remember to take pictures, I’ll share our party next week.

{As well as all the years of our Christmas cards…..we have been harassed encouraged by many friends to do so.}

For your weekend…..if you have never seen this movie, please rent it.  It’s one of my favorites!


Merry, Merry~


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