Our Christmas Cards {The Beginning}

It all started with just wanting to keep in touch with family friends that lived all over the place.

But over the years our cards have grown into something a bit more than that to us….

and hopefully the ones that receive them.

For the first couple of posts I’m just going to get the beginnings out of the way.

We just had fun taking pictures the first several years…

and putting them in a fun card and signing them.

The very first card that started it all was before handsome & I married.

It was me by myself…..

It had been a year of hard decisions.  I had to decide between several different professional performing paths, companies to sign with,

and places to live.  I had made many different changes…..and taken some big steps.  Whew!

Hence…the Fallen Angel card that started it all. {1992}

With the many difficult decisions and changes that I had made during the year…

I was feeling a bit beat up; but also excited for the new adventures that awaited.

Our very first family card was just a few weeks after Handsome & I were married.

The Recycle Mistletoe Card {1993}.

Mistletoe is how Handsome got me to kiss him for the first time.

Mistletoe can really start things…you have to be very careful with it.

Our next card was just the two of us in one of our favorite places: Vermont! {1994}

Then we have our very first Christmas at Oak Cottage. {1995}

We had just moved in and had our wonderful, new little one…just a few months old.

Then we had the Christmas Box Surprise {1996}

The next year was “Got Milk?” with our new addition…just a few weeks old. {1997}

{And yes, everyone in the pic has a milk moustache.}

Then we moved on to the Gardening Card. {1998}

{We spend a lot of time in the garden!}

Then, it was the Train Track Card.  {1999} Our son was so into train tracks….

it inspired our card for that year. So, we tied Handsome to the tracks…and panicked.

I’ll stop there for today…..because next they start getting longer; and I started writing. 🙂

Merry, Merry~


3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Cards {The Beginning}

  1. My mom has NEVER sent out Christmas cards; but I plan on starting a tradition of my own and you gave me some great ideas – mainly to be creative and authentic. I absolutely love your cards. Peace & blessings!

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