The Tradition Continues..Christmas Cards {2000, 2001, 2002}

We have been meaning to get all of our Christmas cards in one place for years!

So, this  year we are determined to make that happen.  It might mean a few extra posts to get them all in….hope you guys don’t mind too much!

I did update the first post…with the very first picture that started it all, if you’d like to check it out.

The year 2000 began our cards that included written messages…some looney, some deep, some half and half…

but all from the heart.  From this picture onward..our cards became very special messages from us

to those we know and love.

The Nativity {2000}

[I will have to insert the text later….I’ve misplaced it and a friend from Florida will be sending it to me! ha!]

‘Twas the Night of the Christmas Picture {2001}

‘Twas the day of the Christmas

Picture to be!

We told the kids

“It’ll be fun, you’ll see!”

We had the whole family

All snuggled in bed

While visions of perfection

Danced in our heads.

With the big purple goggles

Sage would not part.

As we tried to take them

It so broke her heart.

“Where are my chocolate kisses?”

Michal said with a shout.

Her big brother reminded:

“You better not pout!”

After four pictures

Miller was done.

“Put down the camera,

And let’s have some fun!”

After one roll of film

Mom & Dad were konked out.

If they ever had any….

They had lost their clout.

When out in the stable

Full of animals and hay

The true King was born!

The first Christmas Day!

Let’s not get so caught up

In this lovely season

That we forget the meaning

Of the original reason.

Jesus was born

For you and for me.

In a manger of hay

For true wise men to see.

We’re not that far

From Bethlehem…

Where the real hope and joy

For all of us began……..

And ere God exclaimed

As to earth Jesus went:

“I love you all so much

That my son I have sent!”

(© Daune Pitman 2001)

Just Us {2002}

It’s been quite a year!

And, yes, at times we didn’t cheer.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried,

We’ve been blessed, and we’ve been tried!

We’ve grieved and achieved,

But above all—overcomers indeed!

We’ve lost at great cost, and gained beyond measure;

But to the 5 of us each other is our biggest treasure.

You may say this year:

“Your picture has no theme, my dear?”

But before you fuss—

Because we’ve sent “Just Us”;

Look closely and see

How everyone has grown TREMENDOUSLY!

In our family we have med-school wannabees & hippies;

We’ve got ballerinas, artists, and little yippies!

We have high-maintenance dancers and musicians;

And possibly future physicians.

We yell and scream,

We gain enlightenment and beam!

We have lots of fun,

Whether there’s clouds or sun. 🙂

So, we hope you don’t mind this year,

We chose to send “Just US”, as we are, my dear.

If you’ve received this card~you are a special part;

We hold a special place for you in our heart!

We wish you TRUE “Peace, Man!” in 2003;

Open your eyes and I’m sure you’ll see~

You, too, are blessed as blessed can be!

(© Daune Pitman 2002)

Have a super weekend~


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