The Cards {2005, 2006}

We are making our way to the finish line…with listing all of our cards through the years.

Here’s the next two years….

The Lamppost {2005}

Centuries ago uncharted and unexplored territory on maps were often marked with the phrase “Here be dragons”.  The holiday season brings with it the beginning of a new year and all the expectancy and dread that comes with it. What will be the dragons of 2006?  Will we be able to deal with them or will we be overcome?

Just as Aragorn & Arwen of Lord of the Rings and Lucy, Susan, & Peter of  Narnia – we are not passive passengers on some predetermined course; but adventurous explorers sent on a critically important mission. We each have been given gifts that will help make this a better world. We can’t choose the gifts we receive; only how we will use them – or better yet, IF we will use them. We were meant to open doors – you never know which one may lead to the lamppost; taking you on an adventure like you’ve never experienced before!

Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia are our family’s favorite stories.  We loved them growing up and have now passed that love to Miller, Michal, and Sage.  Here in our shire we are enjoying the adventure of watching our own Peter, Susan, & Lucy open doors and discover their gifts and talents; and how to use them to make a difference in this world–helping to turn winter into spring, if you will. 🙂 Our Peter, The Magnificent, is the ever-present leader-planning carefully how he will use his gifts. Our Susan, The Gentle, has fun with her gifts and shares them with anyone who may need them. Our Lucy, The Valiant, stands ready and has enough faith for all the rest of us—dragon? <yawn> No problem!

So, don’t just sit in the study, go ahead and open the door to 2006 – dragons or not, know that your Provider has given you all that you will need for the adventure…………

Is that a lamppost ahead?

May this season serve as your lamppost to a new adventure!!

(© Daune Pitman, 2005)

“Now shalt thou SEE what I will do” Ex. 6:1

{For you LOTR fans—the sword Handsome holds in the picture is the genuine King Aragorn sword from the movie—and our little one holds the genuine Frodo sting.}

Waiting {2006}

Waiting-we all do it—no matter what your age. You can’t outgrow waiting. It’s one of the hardest things we humans endure.  We are all waiting for something—if not many things. We wait in line at the grocery store, (this wait enables you to be up on where Elvis was last spotted); we wait in long lines to use the restroom, (this wait can be a brutal wait–testing true inner strength-depending on the severity of the situation); we wait to land a new job, (this wait has been known to cause insanity and bursts of temper tantrums followed by a dull stare); we wait to go to Disney World, (depending on your age – this is a wait that you thing you may not live through); we wait for our husbands to help write the year’s Christmas card, (this wait is completely futile if his name is Keith and he was up all night studying and is now sleeping so hard an explosion would not rouse him); we wait for Christmas, (this wait starts out excruciatingly long, but gets shorter as the years go by); we wait for our ship to come in, (the length of this wait completely depends on whether you are at the right port or not – so choose wisely); we wait on the Lord, (this is the king of waits—and the hardest, but definitely goes on the top of the “Worthwhile Wait” list).

We wait for vacation, we wait to move to a new location. We wait to be taller, we wait to be smaller. We wait for our next birthday, we wait to have our say. We wait for the best wait, we wait to be old enough to shave. We wait to lose our first tooth, we wait for our favorite booth. We wait for a good report, we wait for a proper retort. We wait for our hair to grow, and wait for the snow to snow. Waiting is endless. If you are alive, you do it—willingly or not. Waiting is the part between the wish and the thing.

All musicians know that the true music is found in the pauses (the waits). Without them it would not be music. If you, like us, have found yourself in a waiting place—just remember: Your waits are creating your lifesong—without them it would just be noise. 🙂

Happy Waiting!

May what is in store for you this Christmas be worth the waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiitttttttttt!

(© Daune Pitman, 2005)

Merry, Merry~


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