Initial Wreath & A Fun Announcement……

Happy Monday!

We were contacted this past weekend from one of my favorite online dress shops….

and they want to do a fun giveaway on our blog!  Woohoo!

Keep an eye out…it should be soon.  I wore one of their dresses this weekend…they have the most FUN things!

I know everyone is just sitting around this week with nothing to do…

so, I thought I would share a fun project with you. 🙂

Many years ago I would see the most fun initial wreaths in places like Williams-Sonoma, Ballard, etc.

They cost a fortune!

So, I set out to make our own. {You guys know that I collect ‘P’…so, I needed a ‘P’ at Christmas for sure!}

It’s super easy…and we are still using the same form that I made out of cardboard 10 years ago.

Handsome keeps trying to make me a new one out of wood…but I’m happy with my cardboard one.

Here’s what you need:

various greenery…any kind you like

large piece of cardboard

printout of font that you like

matte knife

green spray paint


glue & glue gun

Here’s how you do it:

1. Print out a font that you like from the computer…and blow it up to the size you want your wreath.  Our wreath is about 30″…and I actually just eyed the font and drew it free-hand.  BUT, if that freaks you out….blow the font up and trace it.

2. Trace or free-hand your letter onto your piece of cardboard.

3.  With the matte knife…cut out your letter

4.  Spray paint the front and back of your letter green…make sure it is a darker/evergreen green, not kelly green.

5. At the center of the top of your letter make two small holes to put the wire through.  This will be your hanger…so make sure it is at the balance point of your letter….so it will hang straight.  Secure the wire by twisting.

6. Now you are ready for greenery!  With your trusty glue gun….glue pieces of greenery onto your letter until it is completely covered and you are happy with it! 🙂  We used: Christmas tree cuttings, cedar, and holly.

Our wreath stays wonderfully green and pretty for over a month.  When we are ready to clean it up I carefully pull the greenery off the cardboard form, pack the “P” safely in a closet until I want to use it again. {I’ve been using this same form for 10 years!}

Oh my gosh!  I just got an idea!  I’m going to make another one of these giant P’s and cover it in German glass glitter!  Wouldn’t that be cool!?

Or maybe another one and cover it in vintage book pages….or vintage sheet music…..or……

This is great…I had absolutely nothing else to do this week. Now I have a project. {ha! <anxious laugh>}

Merry, Merry~

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