Nevertheless……In the Midst…….. {2007}

All good stories include “nevertheless….in the midst”—-in fact, they are by far the most powerful parts of the story.  Nevertheless, in the midst of it all GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING even when it doesn’t appear to be so. The world we live in would ike for us to ignore and dismiss the nevertheless….in the midst, and spend more time concentrating on the hurry, scurry, our disappointments and mistakes, all that is wrong in the world and with ourselves—all the many woulda, coulda, shouldas that we can all tack onto ourselves; but when we do that we miss the most powerful part of our story! This year we have purposed to look back on 2007 and concentrate on our many nevertheless…in the midst moments and experiences. In the midst of it all during 2007 these are the things we will focus and hold fondly:  Mitford Days in Blowing Rock and meeting new friends, kayaking around the tall ships, being an anchor on CNN, Disney, cherished times in the mountains, Michal’s double-digit birthday trip to NYC with Mom, ears pierced in Herald Square, special prayers offered up at Ground Zero, the discovery of old-fashioned cap guns, nights around the fire pit with friends, flashlight tag, hiking our favorite part of the Appalachian Trail, swim team victories, evenings at Ben & Jerry’s discovering new Cinnamon Bun ice cream, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, white chocolate mocha coffee talks, Cape May-our favorite beach, loading up on candy by the pound at Morrow’s, riding bikes and discovering hills to sail down, seeing the sunrise from above in an airplane, Sage learning to blow bubbles with gum, baby falcons being born in our neighborhood and watching them learn to hunt (in our far! yikes!), Miller performing with the orchestra, Red Top Mountain retreat, the nice family that let us borrow their sleds when we forgot ours in the mountains, eating cold pizza and Izzes while dangling our feet over Johns River Gorge, Young Life Family Camp,…….We could go on and on, as you could, too. So, this Christmas season and as you look ahead to the coming year, purpose in your heart  to sit down and concentrate on all of your nevertheless… the midst moments—–we know that you will find many.  They are always waiting to be recognized – the most powerful parts of your story.  Nevertheless….in the midst good things are happening!

(© Daune Pitman, 2007)

Life Lessons The Pitmans have learned in the midst of 2007: (most from the kids!)

Songbirds learn their songs in the darkest hours of the night. Sage’s life philosophy: Play hard, laugh hard, and leave the worries to your father. If the flowers you draw don’t look like anyone else’s, that’s good.  You can make chores more fun by telling everyone you are Cinderella. Some weeks you really need a Saturday on a Wednesday. You can either keep pedaling, get off the bike, or fall over. You think your backpack is heaviest until you pick up someone else’s by mistake. You can’t stop the sled halfway down the hill. Look at the footprints you’ve made.  Ask for sprinkles. Open your eyes under water. When you’re being dragged, let go of the leash. Sometimes when you are first, you get stuck holding the door for everyone else. A tiny hole can empty a great, big bucket. If you want to get carried…fall asleep in the back of the car. A penny saved, is not much. The harder the wind blows, the higher your kite flies. Using words you don’t understand can be embarrassing. Know what you like. If you want to see a shooting star you might have to spend a lot of nights looking up. Nobody can pedal the bike for you. If it smells bad, it probably tastes that way, too. Sometimes you have to take the test before you are finished studying. Getting lost teaches you how to read a map. Usually you learn your lesson, but you don’t always remember it. A weed is a flower whose virtues haven’t been discovered yet. You’re more likely to get lost in the dark. Every castle has a dungeon. It’s easier to climb a tree that leans. Everything looks different through tears. Don’t be so afraid of losing your Frisbee that you don’t ever throw it.

Merry, Merry~


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