The Perfect Family {2008}

The Perfect Family {2008}

This year we wanted to try to send the typical American Family Christmas Letter.  Let’s see…………..

Greetings to you all!  It has been another perfect year for us, The Perfect Family.  Keith is doing so well at work that he receives daily promotions.  He became Grand PoohBah of The Loyal Order of Water Buffalo this fall.  Daune, once again, has received blue ribbons for everything that she has cooked.  Greeting the kids each day after school with home baked, warm cookies from the oven along with fresh milk is her joy.  She and the kids sit for hours enjoying deep conversations about every detail of their days.  Miller, at the tender age of 13, received a full scholarship to Yale and has been asked to join the 2012 Olympic Swimming Team—even though he has only trained for 6 months competitively.  We are so proud.  Michal has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  We know, hard to believe—only 11 years old!  It is a world first!  Sage has now mastered yet another language.  This will be her 7th language spoken fluently.  Since beginning to read at the age of 2 months there has been no stopping her!  We continue to receive “Yard of the Month”, as we have for the past 15 years.  We can only wish that your year has been as perfect as ours.  If it hasn’t, we are sure that you wish you were us:  The Perfect Family!

OK, OK, we tried it—-and it just doesn’t fit! <a lot like Daune’s wig!>  Besides, we only send cards to people that really know us-we’ll never get away with it.  So, we will just come to you authentically us—without the masks.  We read an article that described The Perfect Family and it listed these important attributes:  1)  Perfect Families are made up of parents who don’t disagree or quarrel. <huh?>  2)  Siblings in Perfect Families are always cooperative with their parents and willing to help each other. <We are rolling on the floor laughing.>  3)  Perfect Families are harmonious and without conflict. <Rolling out the door laughing>  and 4)   In Perfect Families parents have total control over their children, including everything they do. <Would you like to roll on the floor and laugh with us?>  In our home hangs a sign that reads: “ In this Home –  We do second chances.  We do grace.  We do real.  We do mistakes.  We do I’m sorrys.   We do LOUD really well.  We do hugs.  We do family.  We do love.”

This year we have set off on several new adventures.  Our family now has a teenager – low grunts, ‘I don’t know’, and ‘Nothin’ DO constitute deep conversation some days.  We also have a preteen girl – adding tears, giggles, and daily life altering circumstances to those deep conversations.  Miller is now taller than Mom.  He began swimming competitively this year—and at age 13 and size 12 feet we refer to him as “Phelpish”.  He is doing super in his first year of home school and is a pleasure to teach—lots of fun!

Michal can be seen at any given time in the yard clad in a princess crown, snow boots, pistol, and holster – accompanied by her CD player.  (By wearing all these items at once it enables her to switch characters more quickly.)  We’ve had to clean out her room because upon waking one day she felt that there were too many things that were “babyish”.  <parental sigh!>  She continues to keep us balanced and teaches us new things each day about ourselves and what is really important in life.   She has an amazing heart.

Sage continues to take the world by storm.  She writes prolifically and loves and protects anything living.  (We are not even permitted to kill bugs in her presence.)  She’s working on a novel and we try to be very careful so we don’t end up in it!   She feels that the only thing missing in life is naturally curly hair.  Her spirit and enthusiasm are contagious—we love it! <However, we are considering prescription strength vitamins for us.>

So, even though Donna Reed, Ward Cleaver, Beaver, or Marcia Brady don’t live here—-we feel our family is just perfect for us.  And, even though we occasionally have a weed or two in the garden, ground the kids for life when they misbehave, siblings argue (on purpose) with siblings, throw the occasional fit, and lock ourselves in the bathroom while yelling “Don’t come near the door unless there is blood—and paper cuts DON’T COUNT!”  we would rather BE than to SEEM.  Iron sharpens iron, right?  So, that means anyone who hangs around in an Imperfect Family will end up a super, razor-sharp instrument!    There’s hope for us all!  What an adventure.  Whew!

We are wishing you this Christmas a season TO BE rather than TO SEEM——so take off any masks and have………………………..


(© Daune Pitman, 2008)

Only a few more years to go….and we’re all caught up! 🙂


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