The Epic Journey Continues….{2010}

The Epic Journey Continues………..{2010}

         Jesus Said:  “Take A Hike!”  He wants us to travel light, stay on the trail, and be grateful for what he puts before us on the journey.  SO, carry your own pack, no shortcuts, no hitch hiking, don’t whine about the bugs or the weather, and remember to thank Him after you walk through poison ivy—and that grunt you just heard is too deep and loud to be a chipmunk.  (Paraphrase of Mark 6:7-9)

Many of you have hiked with us from the beginning—following our Epic Journey and enduring our yearly ramblings and musings.  Some of you have joined us somewhere in the middle, and some just this year.  It all started with Mistletoe (mistletoe can really get things started, you know!), Honeymooning in Vermont, Front Porch With New Baby & New Home, Christmas Surprise Box, GOT MILK?, Hanging out in the Wheelbarrow, Train Tracks, Pitman Live Nativity (w/ a very hungry Baby Jesus and a goat eating the angel’s wings..), Our Circle, “Just Us”, Christmas PJ’s, Road Less Travelled, Narnia/Lord of the Rings, Waiting, Collage, The Perfect Family, & Once Upon A Time……SO, Our journey and stories continue in 2010!  It’s always good to chronicle where you’ve been.  Take before/after pictures—they form a trail.  Where you’ve been always looks different when you turn around.  They serve as a marker of where you came from and a trailhead for where you are headed.

Raising a family is a hike—sometimes filled with sheer cliffs, jagged rocks, & aching muscles—but the scenery is always worth it!  When there’s no path-you blaze one (getting cuts, scrapes, & blisters).  When there’s a meadow you stop, have a picnic, and celebrate.  As the trail guides for the 3 coming behind us, we’ve learned to blaze trails, avoid lurking dangers, pack light, climb rocks, and choose good equipment.  We’ve also experienced sprains, stitches, strange rashes, and loss of direction.  Upon those times of being lost in the woods we’ve learned that looking up is the first thing you do to regain footing and direction.  In the day we have the sun—and at night the stars and moon as guide points to show us the way.  There’s always a light—even in darkness—as long as we LOOK UP.  Sometimes in order to see a shooting star you have to spend a lot of dark nights looking up. Wonder how the story would have been different if the wise men had looked down or only at their surroundings?

We love the night sky—quiet, peaceful—always seeming to be sending the message that all is well.  We heard a great story not long ago—-a three-year-old was standing in front of a large window, watching it rain.  He started saying “STARS, STARS, STARS”.  When his mother was asked why he kept repeating ‘stars, stars, stars’ she said that when raindrops hit the ground for a split second they look like a star.  HHMMMMMM—interesting way to look at it.  RAINDROPS—usually paralleled with disappointment, wash outs, missed expectations, cancelled plans—compared to a STAR-the very thing that lead to a savior.

This Christmas and coming year MAY YOU SEE DROPS AS STARS……..

(© Daune Pitman, 2010)

Merry Wishes~


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