Creating A Masterpiece….{2011}

Creating A Masterpiece…{2011}

            Creating. Our need to do it equals our need for oxygen. Raising a family is a journey toward a masterpiece. We don’t have babies anymore.  We’ve entered a season of “We only have a limited amount of time left!”….as if children have an expiration date? Have we missed anything? Do they know ________? Do they know how to ________when ___________happens? Well, regardless of age or place—Miller, Michal, & Sage will always be our babies—Just as we know we are still seen by our parents as their babies. {Babies with crow’s feet and aching joints-nevertheless!}

Our family is our masterpiece. And, no, there is no expiration date. A masterpiece is never finished. Creating makes a mess. Whether it is painting, sculpting, composing music, or raising a family. You can’t create without waste and mess—an artist must stay true to what they are creating—even through the mess. An artist wastes nothing. Mozart sweated, slaved, and died young giving birth to all that music. He poured himself out. Art is undiluted hope.

We’ve always told our children to live as if you are a masterpiece—not a machine. Adding colors and taking them away are all part of making you the masterpiece you were meant to be. Great artists know that sometimes it’s more important to know what to take away, than just what to add. Removing the clutter and excess—to find what’s been in there the whole time. There’s a beautiful art in knowing what to take away—and it’s a lifetime process.

We are in a stage that we are beginning to see the artwork take shape….the masterpiece emerging. Sharp edges are being chiseled and blurred, colors are being added and taken away. Nothing is being wasted—and the mess is being used.

As we walk this artful journey toward becoming the masterpiece—we know that in the end every disaster, tiny error, wrong turn, every fragment of discarded clay, all the blood, sweat, and tears—EVERYTHING has meaning in the masterpiece. The Artist gives it meaning. He reuses, reshapes, and recasts all that goes wrong so that in the end nothing is wasted…nothing is without significance. Nothing ceases to be precious in the hands of the Artist.

2000 years ago a masterpiece was sent to earth—undiluted hope. True art. An unsurpassed gift. The Artist poured Himself out. Nothing was spared. Nothing was wasted. Christmas.

Celebrating the season of UNDILUTED HOPE……

Merry, Merry~


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