Jesus’ Birthday Cake…..

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Run, hurry, go! OK? OK.


We have a yearly tradition at Christmas.

We bake a birthday cake for Jesus and on Christmas Day we sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles….it’s fun!

But, this  yearly tradition is very interesting.

There has only been one year that Jesus’ birthday cake didn’t explode, fall apart, spontaneously behead itself, …..

I could go on. ha!  I bake cakes all the time and this is the only time we have this problem.

The only year that something crazy didn’t happen was when I baked a cupcake tower.

One year we baked a 3-dimensional snowman and decorated it in so much detail.

It was gorgeous! As we sang Happy Birthday the head fell off, rolled across the dining room,

and the body split half in two!

OK, are you ready?  This was Jesus’ birthday cake last year….

It was gorgeous until it completely ‘exploded’. I had to put plastic wrap on it to take a picture…

the plastic wrap is actually holding it together!

What in the world!!!????

Know what we did?  We finished singing, pulled our chairs around in a circle, everyone got a spoon,

and we dug in…even Nanna & Poppa!  It was de-lish!

Nope, we are not deterred…we will persevere through this strange phenomenon.

Tonight we are baking Jesus’ birthday cake. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

What are some fun Christmas traditions that you have…that maybe don’t always

turn out like you planned, or have a funny story?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

See you next week…….

Merry Christmas Eve Eve~


Love to hear from you guys.......

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