Still Enjoying & Lingering……

I hope your Christmas weekend has been full of family and memory-making!

We are still enjoying the Christmas spirit here..and I hope to carry it throughout the coming 2012.

We have decided to take a month off from school….and we are so excited!

{We homeschool, for those that do not know.}

I’m trying fiercely to hold on to that calm and peace that comes on Christmas Day…

and allow it to settle in my heart; helping me to move into a new year

with hopes, great expectations, and the ability to enjoy it to the full.

Nanna & Poppa arrived on Christmas Eve and we went to

the annual Christmas Eve party at our friends’…..

where all three of our children play the violin for a teary, celebratory crowd.

I’ve been attending this Christmas Eve party since I was very little….

and it is such a joy to now bring our children.

After the party we went to my parents’ house to celebrate Christmas with my family.

On Christmas Day we celebrated here at our home with Handsome’s family…

and then I cook a big Christmas Dinner for both our families…and we had a grand time!

Several years ago we went to Cracker Barrel the day after Christmas for lunch with Nanna & Poppa – before they headed back to Atlanta—

and it stuck.  It is now an official tradition.  So, yesterday we headed to Cracker Barrel….

and then saw Nanna & Poppa off on their journey home.

Later in the day we went to see “We Bought a Zoo”—it was treat.

I want to be Rosie when I grow up.

{Everyone that has seen it and knows me said that Rosie reminds them of me when I was little…..

so, maybe I just shouldn’t have grown up!} ha!

I hope you are enjoying this quiet time after Christmas, when all the dust settles and you can reflect and look forward at the same time.

This time of being ‘in the middle’….able to look back and forward at the same time.

Plan. Hope. Dream. Remember.

We are blessed!

PS Don’t forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway… have a great chance to win! So far there have only been 29 entries.  It ends tomorrow at 11pm EST. A fun new piece to add to your New Year wardrobe.  Maybe you could even put a special memento inside from this Christmas or 2011…to carry with you in 2012!


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