I’m An Urban Farmgirl……

Well, I opened? started? set-up?  a Cottage in the Oaks Facebook page yesterday.

I know. I know. I’m the last one on the earth to not have one.

Those that know me can now pick yourself up off the floor.

It’s for real.

I haven’t finished setting it up, yet…don’t even know how

to tell you to find it.

When I do….I’ll let you guys know so you can “Like” our page….

that will at least make me feel like it was worth it, OK?


So, be ready.

I think I am a bit of an anomaly.

I have all the wonderful gadgets….and enjoy their benefits.

The iPhone, the iPad, the Macs, the docking stations, etc.

But, you want to know the truth?

I was hoping the rotary phone was going to make a comeback.

I long for a huge farmhouse on acres and acres.

I want a tractor that I can ride through my fields of flowers on each morning.

{In my linen overalls…..a lovely latte color.}

I want to play in the dirt all day, and then put my evening gown on

and have a candlelight dinner on the roof of a skyscraper…

with jazz in the background.

I want to grow everything I eat….

and do my shopping at a general store.

I love simplicity, but am very complex.

I adore everything vintage….I long for long-ago….

and appreciate air condition. {Oh yeah, and plumbing.}

I long to garden and paint all day…

I don’t like busy-ness.

Big cities thrill and energize me.

I long for the country.

I really want a barn. A big one.

I want to have barn parties. Big ones.

And small ones.

Masquerading day in and day out as a normal person…

is absolutely exhausting.

How about you?


3 thoughts on “I’m An Urban Farmgirl……

  1. I would LOVE to live on a farm. Have a garden, farm animals, etc. Lots of acreage for my boys to run. A dream.
    I hate the city. Even the little one we live in. Fairly little, compared to others. I can’t even let me kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Too many idiots on cars and just too many idiots. So unsafe. And they are older.

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