Today….I’m Searching for a Word!

I’ve been thinking for a while about what my word for 2012 will be.

I usually have a phrase….but for this year, I need one word.

I’ll be honest….

it has been a crazy, hard few years.

Honestly…at the end of 2011 I was pondering my one word for the New Year;

and you want to know what I came up with?


Yep. That was it.

I’m by no means a negative person….

but that was the only word that came to me when I thought of another year.

That’s bad.

I’m ashamed.

I know that is NOT the word that God has for me for 2012.

So, I’m still praying…and wondering what the word for

my 2012 needs to be.

Here’s some of my list:

Abandon Ship! {that won’t work….2 words, and fits right up there w/ Ugh.}

Perseverence {that one makes me tired}

Undiluted Hope {mmm, that’s good…but 2 words…I’m too wordy}

Courage {it’s getting better}

Nestle {this one keeps coming up}

Help! {accurate..but not encouraging}

Joy {that’s good, too…but not the one}

Abide {now it’s getting better}

Celebrate {now THAT’S my kind of word!}

Deflated {oops…nope, right back there with Ugh}

Wait {Oh no! not THAT one!}

Well, I still haven’t found it. Do you have a word of this year?  Since I was around 10 I have always had a phrase for the year.  This one is hard!  If you have a word for this year….I’d love to hear about it.  As soon as I know what my word is….I’ll let you know.

Yesterday was my birthday…and I had so many wonderful wishes poured my way. I was whisked off on a fun day adventure on Saturday, and yesterday kept coming home to gifts waiting at the door.  I am truly blessed in the best kind of way. 🙂

Today I am thankful for:

~ people that truly know me

~ surprises around every corner

~ new discoveries

~ cookie cakes w/ extra icing!

~ unmerited favor

~ a fantabulous family

~ a fresh new year..full of possibilities

Happy Monday~


PS  None of my media would load today…, I have no pics for this post!  Horrors!


16 thoughts on “Today….I’m Searching for a Word!

  1. My word for 2012 is “Finish”. But hopefully it will only be the good kind of “Finish,” like projects and such. ‘Cause the bad kind of “Finish,” as in “Finish the ice cream,” could be a problem.

  2. I’m in the same boat! Each year I have a word but this year…. nothing! Which was making me feel UGH….but no despair…. the right word will come at the right time…. your blog is great!

  3. this is the first year
    i’ve even thought about
    finding a word for the year

    mostly because
    folks keep blogging about it

    but my word for this year is


    i don’t do enough of it
    i’m not expectant enough
    i don’t converse with my Saviour enough

    so i hope that by focusing on prayer
    i will draw closer to Him
    and be more aware of what He wants for me this year

    but i also considered



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