Have You Stashed Your Gifts?

Well, I must first say THANK YOU for the notes and comments you guys have sent about my word!

They have truly blessed me.

You guys are the best.

I think I’m very close to finding my word…..can’t wait to share it.

{Actually I can’t wait to KNOW it! ha!}


Every Wednesday evening I have the privilege of spending a couple of hours with a great group of middle school girls.

This past fall we spent a lot of time talking about our hearts….and how they were like closets.

You can stuff a whole lot of stuff in there.

Good stuff….new, cool shoes. Fun dresses. Purses!

Bad stuff…..dirty laundry. Overdue library books. Leftover lunch.

{It really starts to stink in there after a while.}

In our hearts we can stuff wonderful memories, love, desires, truth.

And we can stuff wounds, hurtful words, and lies.

Something else that we so easily stuff…cramming down in a dark corner…. are our gifts.

We can so easily see and even name other people’s gifts….but not even acknowledge our own.

Why is it that we humans spend so much  time wishing we had other people’s gifts…..

forgetting all the wonderful gifts of our own that we’ve crammed in a corner?

That has always bothered me.

You can’t pick your gifts. They are a final sale.

No returns. No exchanges.

Yours for life. Amen.

I was blessed to grow up in a family of artists and farmers.

{Hey!  That totally explains my Urban Farmgirl-ness!}

I never stuffed my gifts….I’ve always totally enjoyed them….

Because I was always surrounded with people that did the same.

I didn’t know any different.

But there have been times that I see other gifts and wish I had them.

And if I’m not careful…..I could begin to cram mine aside.

We are happiest when we operate in our gifts…whatever they are.

We were given gifts for us!  Yes, for us.

When we are use our gifts it ministers to our soul…and we flourish.

When we are using our gifts we also minister to our family and to others.

When we cram our gifts aside and try to put on someone else’s….we wilt.

Yep…just like my pour hanging basket up there that I forgot to water last summer.

In this photoshopped, Pinterest world we live in….it is so easy for people to feel that they don’t have anything to offer….that they don’t even have gifts!

I love Pinterest…don’t get me wrong.  It’s fun, and I admire other’s talents, ideas, and inspiration.

It saddens me, though, when instead of being inspired people feel inferior or ‘less than’ after viewing all these wonderful pictures and ideas.

It also saddens me when someone does something for me, or hosts a party, or makes me something……

and prefaces it with “Well, I could never do it like you.”

On the one side I want to encourage them to get their gifts out of the closet.

And on the other hand I want to yell at them to get their gifts out of the closet!

Do you know what your gifts are?

Yes….giftS….you have more than one, you know.

Have you stuffed them aside? Are they in a dark corner.

Possibly forgotten?

It’s not too late.

When your mind wanders….where does it go? What are the deep desires of your heart?

That’s a great  place to start looking for your gifts.  The answers to those questions are good clues to discover them.

I thrive when I am being creative. Art, hosting parties, making things, etc….I am at my best when operating here.

It is not work for me. It is not a struggle. I love it.

I am also an administrator. {a.k.a. bossy…but I like the administrator word better, OK?}

I don’t always enjoy that one…even though I am good at it.

Unless…I’m getting to be an administrator over something creative. Then, it’s fun!

I admire people that are wonderful listeners….intently listening to those around them.

I am so not good at that! When I am with a quiet person I feel the overwhelming need to fill the air with my voice.

I wish I had that gift. I don’t. I will never be a counselor.

If you have crammed your gifts….I’d like to encourage you to get them out, dust them off, and embrace them.

Allow other people’s gifts to minister to you without wanting them to be yours….and allow yours to minister to them.

You are an unrepeatable miracle…..with many gifts.

I’d love it if you’d share what some of your gifts are below…..I know they are special, just like you.



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