Chicken Tortilla Soup…..

This is our all time favorite soup around here.

I’m making a big pot for the weekend because it is supposed to be super cold here the next few days.

{Yay!  Soup by the fire….I’m looking forward to it..}

I’m actually making it for my Dad’s 70th Birthday Lunch that we are hosting here….with all of his friends.

I’m looking forward to celebrating him tomorrow in a fun way!

Here is the link to the recipe….you may have to sign in/up to Tasty Kitchen to get it;

but it is well worth it..and it’s free! I find the best recipes in the world on that site.

It’s Pioneer Woman’s….so, you know it should be good.

Tasty Kitchen is a fun recipe/kitchen community with a recipe for everything.

{It’s also where Ree shares all of her recipes.}

You can organize all of the recipes that you find into your own recipe box online….making it super easy to go back and find them when you need them.

I wish you a warm, soup-filled weekend, Friends!


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