Saturday Excursion….

A week or so ago I shared with you that I heard of a great spot in Raleigh, NC

where some of the vendors at Luckett’s shop and find treasures.

{I love Luckett’s…I hope to make it to their spring fair in May.}

The spot is called SuzAnna’s, and is located in Raleigh on Durant Rd.

in a neat little place called Vintage Village.

{In other words….there are lots of little, fun shops in one place!}

It’s definitely off the beaten path….by the railroad tracks.

And definitely worth a visit if you like vintage!

I can see why many dealers would find their wares here.

Great finds await!

It appears to be a junk yard at first site….but it’s not.

Lot’s of treasures inside and out are there for the finding.

I found a wonderful vintage schoolroom pull-down map that now hangs in our office.

Do you have any fun treasure troves where you live?

I love to discover new ones that I didn’t know about!

After our fun trip to SuzAnna’s we headed to the mall…..

and my family surprised me with a Mrs. Field’s birthday cookie..

WITH EXTRA ICING!!! {The best part!}

Then we discovered that the Restoration Hardware store in this particular mall is closing….

and EVERYTHING was 70% off!

OK, Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite stores.

It was killing me.


Then I died.


Love to hear from you guys.......

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