Friday {Blog} Housekeeping…..

It’s almost the weekend!  Woohoo!

I wanted to take a second to do a little housekeeping…..

For those of you that may not know,

beginning on March 1st  Google Friend Connect will no longer include

WordPress blogs….SO

if you follow Cottage in the Oaks through Google Friend Connect

it will disappear after March 1st, and to continue to follow you will need

to follow either through RSS feed or e-mail.

I wouldn’t want to lose your wonderfulness! 🙂

Also….I haven’t totally mastered it by any means…

BUT, Cottage in the Oaks finally has a Facebook page!

***[Distant cheers and screams from all corners of the world]***

I’ll give you ALL weekend to head on over and LIKE US!

There are several hundred of you guys that follow Cottage in the Oaks…..

to be sure we can at least get the minimum to register our name, right?

So, your DIY project for the weekend is to do that… won’t even get messy! 🙂

{And thank you to the 5 of you that have already liked us even though I couldn’t even get a picture on there! ;)}

Hope you have a great weekend~


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