Living Out Loud…..

My grandmother is 84 and not doing so well,

so we visit as often as possible.

Thank goodness she lives right here….just a few minutes down the road.

Such a blessing.

When we visit my kids like to entertain her….and she loves it.

Their latest escapades have involved blowing up the latex gloves in her room,

drawing faces on them, love notes to her, encouragement, etc.

This week they had so much fun with the latex gloves that they asked could they bring some home.

{And, of course, what does ANY grandmother say? “Of course you can, sweety!”}

I knew that they were all out in the yard blowing them up and having fun with them.

They blew up several and decorated the large jasmine bush around our mailbox with them.

Fun, right?

Well, they popped, of course. But I didn’t think anything about it…..just to remind them to clean them up.

It rained, so they couldn’t.

The popped latex gloves remained for 2 days.

It wasn’t until I ran errands yesterday afternoon that I saw them.

Popped latex gloves no longer look like gloves.

I will not specify what it looked like our mailbox was decorated with…..

for 2 days….before I saw them.

I had flashbacks of all the visitors we had had over the past two days.

I can’t imagine what passersby might have been thinking….

least of all the neighbors.

When we moved into our cottage 16 years ago several of the neighbors said

that they quit going to the movies.

They  just bought popcorn and coke…and sat on their front porch watching us.

I chose to take that as a compliment.

As I got out of the car to clean unmentionable-looking things

off of the mailbox……

I pondered why we have these kind of things, these quirky, out loud, blaring, crazy things

pretty constantly happening around here.

And I think it is because we live OUT LOUD…

and I think others live….but it is most often quietly.

We are swinging on the rope of life while “woohooing”.

This kind of life leads straight to a mailbox covered in latex….things.

I asked:

“Lord, does it ALWAYS have to be us that entertain the world in such quirky, out loud ways? So often making people wonder about the craziest things? Possibly questioning their own existence? Making people laugh at our ‘What in the World Just Happened’ looks?”

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so;

I’m pretty sure I heard the faintest whisper of an answer…..


Picture source: Sodaheads


3 thoughts on “Living Out Loud…..

  1. Hi Daune…read your comment on my video. So nice to know you are reading along. I feel like we are a little boring. It would be a compliment if someone said that they sat on their porch and watched our family. You are living out loud..good for you.

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