My New Discovery…….Nest

This past weekend we had an appointment in Greensboro, NC

with someone that desired to purchase all of my aunt’s estate jewelry.

We don’t spend that much time in that part of the state….

usually we just pass through.

I had just heard of a neat little store in Burlington, NC…

just outside of Greensboro.

It’s only open on the weekends…and I’ve been wanting to

check it out.  SO, that’s exactly what we did.

It was a treasure. Reminded me very much of my

favorited Luckett’s that you guys are always reading

about in many of my posts.

It’s called Nest,

and it is such a fun place!

And to top it off….as soon as I walked in the door

guess what they were playing?

Yep, Mindy Gledhill….

and they even sell her CD’s.

A perfect fit….all three of my kids walked in, heard Mindy Gledhill, took in the store,

and said, “Mom, this is YOU!”

Here are some pictures from their blog…..

See that chicken feeder and the ironstone dishes?

Yep, they’re at my house now!

The merchandise is so fun …. and the prices are incredible!

Well worth the trip.

They are only open on Fridays and Saturdays, 10-4.

If you live nearby….head on over there.

If not, who’s ready for a road trip?

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Monday~

P.S.  Nest has no idea who I am…..unless you say something like “Remember that girl that was in here Saturday that stayed 1/2 the day, bought the chicken feeder and all your ironstone, and had kids that ate all your doughnuts?” Then, they might remember. They have no idea I am writing about them….I just wanted to share a fun treasure of a store that I found. 🙂 Oh, and if you like Mindy Gledhill, she is having a great sale on her CD’s on her site right now. {She doesn’t know me, either….and we didn’t eat her doughnuts.}


3 thoughts on “My New Discovery…….Nest

  1. I DO know who you are thanks to your sweet comment on our blog! THANK YOU so much for posting about our sweet little shop~you’re very kind {and are welcome to our dougnuts anytime :} Your blog is lovely~what a treat to read! Hope to see you again soon~Blessings, Heather

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