Heart {Rot}

February…the month we think a lot about hearts.

Usually not too much about a condition called “Heart Rot”….


Several years ago when our middle daughter was 2 years-old

she was playing in a spot on the driveway …. under the largest,

prettiest oak tree in our yard.

I called her inside and a couple of minutes later Handsome came home

and parked in the spot that she had been playing.

Five minutes later we heard an awful sound….

like a huge explosion.

When we looked outside the large, beautiful oak tree had dropped one of its

largest branches onto Handsome’s car…..completely crushing it flat.

Just minutes earlier that would have been our little one.

We cleaned up the mess…it took days; and then had some

tree experts look at the tree.

On the outside the tree was absolutely beautiful…the picture of perfect health.

The loveliest in the yard….our favorite.

But inside it suffered from a condition called ‘heart rot’.

In other words…..the entire heart of the tree was completely rotten.

We had to take down this lovely creature. We were sad.

Here are some pictures I took during our autumn trip to Monticello in Virginia….

the home of Thomas Jefferson.

This is what heart rot looks like in a tree.

These lovely trees were gorgeous and appeared very prolific and healthy,

but when a storm came, they crumbled.

Heart Rot.

Trees are not the only living things that can get heart rot.

We can, too.

We can look and appear wonderful on the outside,

when on the inside {our heart} is rotting away.

When our hearts are left unchecked, untended….

or filled with what they were not intended to hold….

heart rot sets in.

Maybe it is past wounds that have been stuffed,

bitterness, unforgiveness, lies, answer envy…

{You know, when you feel like you are seeing everyone else’s prayers, dreams, etc. being answered and fulfilled and it seems yours are unheard and ignored….yep,

that’s answer envy…and it will easily lead to heart rot.}

A myriad of things can contribute to human heart rot.

In trees….there is no cure. The tree must be taken down. But, for us there is hope!

We can change course, perspective, choose to begin filling our hearts with truth,

and the rot can be turned into a thriving, lush heart again.

It takes work…but so worth it.

Several times in my life I’ve experienced heart rot try to set in.

It’s not pretty…and I don’t want it.

It will take diligence and intention to steer clear.

Have you checked yourself lately for heart rot?

This month of hearts is a great time to do it.



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