25 Things…..

1. When I clean the house I pretend I’m Cindrella…it makes it more fun.

2. I really want to live in a big farmhouse and have a pasture with sheep.

3.  I do not know what to do with sheep…..I just want them.

4. Are you free-spirited or a list-maker?

5. Me? I’m a free-spirited list-maker.

6.  I love the smell of carbonless paper.

7.  I love the smell of woodsmoke.

8. I love the smell of my new Anthropologie candle.

9. I am noticing that I really like to smell.

10.  I love the city—-it energizes me.

11. I love the country—it ministers to my soul.

12. Does this mean I am confused?

13. I can’t believe that I am going to have to get braces again. The three years I wore them as a middle schooler should have been a lifetime price to pay.

14. I love cheese. Amen.

15. I got a Facebook page a few weeks ago, and I am still trying to figure it out. ha!

16. When I was in third grade I was sent to the principal’s office because I punched a boy out. I had asked him three times to stop pulling my dress up. It broke his nose. I sweetly and politely told the principal that I would do it again if he didn’t stop looking up my dress. {She had to turn around in her chair as she smiled.}

17. That boy is a prominent builder/contractor here in the town I live in now…..his nose is still crooked. oh dear.

18. When my youngest daughter was 3 she ran away from preschool.

19. Right before the school put out an APB they found her in the sanctuary of the church—under the seats. When our pastor asked her why she left her class, she said that is was too loud in there and she needed a quiet place to pray. {The adventure has not stopped…….}

20. When my middle daughter was 2 she had to have a plastic bead surgically removed from her nose. {Yes, SHE had put it there.}

21. I was not encouraged when at the hospital they told me there was room that was set aside JUST for removing things from the noses and ears of children. In other words…this was not unusual and happened so often that the hospital had dedicated a room for it! I did not want this to be a common thing!

22. A few hours after coming home from the procedure we were having chocolate chip cookies to celebrate ME making it through….and I noticed a chocolate trail leading into her ears. {She is still our curious one…..}

23. I have realized that I am addicted to peanut butter….when I don’t have it I get  shaky.

24. The problem is that I think I have also developed an allergy to peanut butter….when I eat it I feel horrible and sometimes have a hard time breathing. ha! What a predicament.

25. Next week is Valentine’s Day—-and it will be 19 years since Handsome hid a ring in my apartment with a note that said: “Myla Daune Mills, love of my life….I have one small question: Will you be my wife?” {In case you didn’t know…I said ‘yes’} I found this note after coming home from a modeling assignment….and while I was modeling Handsome had paid this beautiful, little blonde girl to deliver a HUGE bouquet of tulips to me and say “I was told to give these to the Fairy Princess!”  I was a goner.

Well, you’ve endured my 25 random thoughts for today….and you might just now know more than you wanted to!

To check out some more random thoughts? Perfectly Imperfect has some!


8 thoughts on “25 Things…..

  1. Loved reading your 25 random thoughts… especially about the chocolate trail to your daughters ear. “:o) I always love reading your “larger than life” blog…always makes me smile!

  2. Your list has me laughing and laughing. I say he had the nose reconstruction coming. Your family sounds like a riot. Stopping by from Shaunna’s have a good week!

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