Daydreaming Spots……

Lately I am suffering from

Failure to Creatively Launch.

I’ve organized my art shelves, re-stocked them,

organized the other closets in the house,

made lots of lists with ideas,

and now I am looking like a deer in the headlights!

So many ideas are roaming around in my mind

I don’t know where to start!

We have almost finished a big project in the dining room….

I’ll share that soon. I love it!

I think what I need is a treehouse, or tent, or folly.

A place to escape to…and renew, refresh, and rest….just be.

We’ve always wanted to add one to our yard/garden.

A place that could be a little getaway, a reading nook,

an art studio, an intimate gathering place……

I think these are fabulous:

Wouldn’t you love this one….

I’ve always wanted a fun tent like this…you could have so much

fun with it! {It would also add to our neighbors’ bewilderment of us.}

How much fun could you have in this cool treehouse? Whoa.

This is one that we are actually planning on adding to our  yard/garden eventually.

Won’t it be a great place to snuggle in and read…or do art…or just daydream?

Who wouldn’t have fun having this to hang out in? ha!

A great coffee spot….you could have fun dates without even leaving home!

Love this…….


Everybody needs a spot, right?

Here’s to daydreaming….and then taking action!

All pictures with sources can be found on my Follies/Treehouses Pinterest board here.


2 thoughts on “Daydreaming Spots……

  1. I love this! What fun and dreamy escapes you found! Hey, even though you’re feeling that “failure to creatively launch”, big kuddos to you for getting so much done around the house!

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