Chore Boards……

From the time our kids were small we wanted them

to know that a family is the greatest team you can ever be a part of…..

And teams work together…..

So, we do not pay our kids to do chores,

that is part of being on the team,

all working together to take care of our home

and keep things running well.

You get paid to do jobs, and chores are not jobs.

As they have gotten older we have increased and changed

what their chores were…according to their ages and what

they were able to handle.

Here is a fun way to list what chores each person has for the week….

and because each chore is a magnetized strip it makes it easy

to move around and change.

We have it on the side of the pantry as you enter into the kitchen….

a spot everyone passes many times a day.

They check it each Monday morning to see what their responsibilities are for the week.

It’s super easy to make….

Here’s what you need:

~ Some sort of magnetized board….white, silver, any color…just make sure it is magnetized.  Ours is about 18″ x 18″

~ Vintage papers, stickers, seashells, wood, or whatever you would like to put around the edge to ‘frame’ it.  We used vintage papers, washi tape, vintage milk bottle caps, etc.

~ Magnetized sheets of paper….you can get these from A.C. Moore or probably any other craft/art store.  These are wonderful!  It is a sheet of paper that has been mounted on a very thin magnet…..and you can run them through your computer printer.  Ingenius!  I can think of all kinds of other things you could do with these wonderful things, too!  They come in 8.5 x 11 sheets, and then you tear or cut them apart after your print them.  Sometimes they are called magnetized labels.

Here’s How You Do It:

1.  We tore off the original frame that our silver dry-erase board was in and mounted the metal right to the wall with double-sided foam tape.  You can use the frame that your board comes in…or create your own.

2. Once you have your board on the wall….and ‘framed’ if you so desire:  decide what chores you would like to have on your chart.

3.  Print your chore labels.

4. Put them on your chart…..organized by daily, weekly, etc.

Currently these are some of our kids’ chores:

{Chores are divided between the 3 of them and we rotate them weekly}


Sweep the kitchen

Sweep the dining room

Set the table for meals

Clear the table after meals

Wash dishes

Load and unload dishwasher

Carpet sweet carpets


Laundry … wash, dry, fold

Empty and take out trash

Polish stainless steel

Empty compost pail into compost outside

Water plants

Scrub kitchen floor

TP {Toilet Paper} Check


Change bed

Dust room

vacuum room

Scrub/clean bathroom {We have 3 full baths…one for each!} 🙂


Change air filters

Our kids spend on average 15-20 minutes a day doing chores, and about 45 minutes on Fridays.

That’s not a lot…..and it means we are all working together to keep things running around here!

They have become very efficient … knowing that when their responsibilities are done they

can move on to other things in their day that they want to do.

And they have learned to do things well…knowing that they will have to re-do them if they are not!

It has been neat to see them master things over the years as well as we have had some

fun times doing chores together. {And, yes, we’ve had some bad days, too.} ha!

Here’s to teamwork~

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8 thoughts on “Chore Boards……

  1. I love this idea. 🙂 Yes… I love this idea for Mr Lella, too 🙂
    We have no kids but I sure could take some tips from your fabulous post.
    Many thanks for taking the time to share. Lella xx

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