Finding the Lovely {Week 3}

It’s been a lovely week…and a fast one!

Here are some of the lovely things I captured on my phone this week:

~  Shoes that made it through Ellis Island…the stories they could tell…..

~ a little box of trinkets and treasures that hang on our wall

~ a cozy bedroom reading spot

~ a beautiful magazine…full of beautiful images

~ a warm candle filling our home with wonderful smells

~ eyes to see the lovely

~ our last pair..mine & Handsome’s…before we retired from performance {to be Mom & Dad}  This is my favorite picture from the week……oh how we miss it!

~ tulips! Spring is coming…..

~ the wonderful get well card that my middle daughter orchestrated and had so many to sign. blessed.

~ one of my lovely daughters hanging out with her grandfather {my dad}

~ my children’s violin instructor….with her husband, performing a concert for Valentine’s.  They are in their 80’s….and incredible. At the top of their game. I aspire….

~ a day of making feather pillows…..evidenced all over the house!

What has been your lovely this week?

Head on over to Jeanne’s blog and see some other lovelies this week!

May your weekend be full of intentionally seeing the lovely that surrounds you~

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5 thoughts on “Finding the Lovely {Week 3}

  1. Daune, great photos this week! I love the eye picture! It reminds me of my daughter who takes a pic of her eye on every camera and phone she can get her hands on;)

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