Muscle Ministry……

This is so random….

but have you ever had a massage?


I know, I know….

many of you have visions of seedy places on the bad

side of town..with red lights, tacky decor, and questionable characters.

Well, you have the wrong vision of massage…..

and have maybe watched too many  B movies! 🙂

My first introduction to massage was when I was performing,

and our artistic director and choreographers always

brought in massage therapists the week of a big performance.


I fell in love!

Did you know the benefits of massage?

I’ll share just a few:

  • Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.
  • Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.
  • Ease medication dependence.
  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defense system.
  • Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.
  • Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.
  • Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin.
  • Increase joint flexibility.
  • Lessen depression and anxiety.
  • Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.
  • Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improvingcirculation.
  • Reduce postsurgery adhesions and swelling.
  • Reduce spasms and cramping.
  • Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.
  • Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.
  • Relieve migraine pain.
  • Release toxins in the body…this is why you want to drink lots of water after a massage.

Here are some more neat benefits:

  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Enhanced sleep quality.
  • Greater energy.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Increased circulation.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • Arthritis sufferers note fewer aches and less stiffness and pain.
  • Asthmatic children show better pulmonary function and increased peak air flow.
  • Burn injury patients report reduced pain, itching, and anxiety.
  • High blood pressure patients demonstrate lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones.
  • Premenstrual syndrome sufferers have decreased water retention and cramping.
  • Preterm infants have improved weight gain.

These are all some things I have learned over the years….and there are many more.

I always thought of a massage as a luxury…a once-in-a-while treat.

But now I have made it part of taking care of myself…just like

eating right, exercising, and drinking lots of water.

I’ve also been surprised at how affordable it can be.

You don’t need to go to a spa {that’s where it can be costly due to overhead} to have a massage…

there are many professional massage therapists with

offices inside chiropractic offices, have their own space, etc.

The average cost? $30 for 30 minutes/$50 for 1 hour

That’s less expensive than most copays at the doctor!

{If you live in Eastern NC shoot me a note and I will be happy

to share the info of my wonderful massage therapist.

She is incredible! cottageintheoaks [at] me [dot] com}

After my surgery in the fall I couldn’t work out for almost 3 months!

Eeeeekkkkk! My muscles were freaking out….I’m usually very active.

So, for a while I went to get a massage weekly.

I now go about 2 times a month for 30 minutes.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that

there will be daily massages in heaven.

Not because we need them….

but because they are so wonderful.

{That’s my spiritual insight for you today….

I hope you enjoyed it.} 🙂

I wonder how many other things we look at as a luxury….

that aren’t luxuries at all, but a needed part

of taking care of ourselves and living fully?

Family dinners..all together

Playing with our kids {yes, even teens!}

Handwriting thank you notes

Long visits on the porch with a agenda

Vacations…getting away

{not visits….vacations}

Wow….that’s a list that could keep going, couldn’t it?

I know that for me…when I take care of myself, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

I can better take care of those that have been entrusted to my care.

That shouldn’t be a luxury….but a priority.

It might mean making some sacrifices in other areas that aren’t priorities…..

but so well worth it.

What have you been looking at as a luxury for most of your life….

that maybe you need to see as a needed priority?



Love to hear from you guys.......

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