I Want to Grow Up to Be…….

It’s been a little over 5 years since we spent 9 days at Disney World.

It was a magical time.

We had a blast….and since we stayed on the property we

had passes to get into parks early each day….and stay later each night.

At Magic Kingdom when the gates open there is a large

opening celebration….and, of course, Mickey opens the gates

for everyone to enter into the kingdom.

There’s confetti….tons….raining down.

And, of course, the confetti is in the shape of Mickey.

We had this confetti everywhere…in our pockets, hair, shoes.

Didn’t give it much thought at the time.

But after we got back home

we began finding Disney confetti in the funniest places.

We’d find it in different rooms in our house,

in the laundry, corners of the house,

in a kitchen drawer, outside in the yard…..

The first few weeks after getting back we thought it was funny,

but not THAT funny since we had just been to Disney.

But it’s now over 5 years later….and we still find Disney confetti

in fun little surprising places.  I went to pick a daffodil

yesterday….and there was one on the ground.

I was dusting the piano and there was one behind the music.

It has become a fun little surprise when we find one…

and almost a mystery.

How is this confetti from over 5 years ago still found in all kinds

of places around here? We’ve cleaned, we’ve vacuumed, we cleaned out….

yet, still, the Disney confetti shows up periodically almost like a Godwink.

Reminding us of a special time….the fun we had….

giving us a smile on a hard day.

It shows up at the perfect times…when someone needs encouragement,

or maybe a special reminder.

These little confetti pieces have ministered to our family for over 5 years.

Just from a mere 9 days in a magical place.

I wonder…just wonder…

if I spend some time everyday in God’s Word

could maybe I be confetti in the lives of others?

Could I show up in unexpected places offering

encouragement and a smile….at just the needed time?


 I would like to be like Disney confetti.


Love to hear from you guys.......

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