Finding the Lovely {Week 4}

This has been such a fun thing to do throughout the week….

intentionally and spontaneously capturing the everyday lovely

that we are surrounded by. It’s everywhere if we take the time to acknowledge it.

It’s been a lovely week:

~ Delphiniums….I love them!

~ Sunday morning Belgian waffles

~ a little message left

~ lizards on the woodpile…spring is almost here!

~ forgiven

~ my lovely 84 year-old grandmother

~ skipping down the hall at the retirement center….you just don’t outgrow it.

[I have to stop and talk about this one for a second……I am so very blessed to have 3 teenage children that have so much fun together. There is just not anything much more lovely than a parent seeing their children enjoying each other’s company and having fun together. Β I don’t take it for granted.]

~ the entertainer….always.

~ the entertainer’s desperate attempt to make sure she got the last brownie

~ posters that the kids are working on for the Youth Arts Festival

~ a flat of pansies….spring!

~ abundant parsley in the garden

Head on over to Kimberly’s blog for more loveliness.

I challenge you to start recording your own loveliness….each day with your phone….just spontaneously capturing anything lovely that you see. Β It’s so much fun…you might just get addicted.

Have a wonderful weekend~


12 thoughts on “Finding the Lovely {Week 4}

  1. I must tell you – seeing your photos – especially the one of your grandma made me smile. I too have my grandma and feel so incredibly blessed that I do. I also love that you appreciate the relationship your children have. As a very close family, I love that my boys appreciate each other and enjoy time spent together.
    Thank you for linking up and have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Oh I love seeing those pansies! It’s a little too early for them here in the Midwest, but I’m looking forward to the spring to be able to plant some.

  3. oh daune, your pictures are so lovely. They are so special. Your grandma is just the bees knees, how adorable!!!!! Enjoy your weekend and have many more “lovely” moments with those you love the most.

  4. Oh, Daune, I just love all the sweet pictures you captured this week!! I definitely love the one of your grandmother, as I am so close to my sweet granny!! Love the smile on her face! Such a blessing to have them in our lives! Looking forward to visiting more of your blog!! πŸ™‚ Happy Weekend!

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