Parenting Graces…….

From the time our kids were little we have worked with them

to be kind, thoughtful, generous….have good manners.

To share…parents are always big on teaching to share, right?

Handsome & I owned the NC School of Etiquette and Protocol

for quite a few years.  People came from out-of-state

for us to train them and their children.

Well, we sold that business many years ago….

but showing respect and honor and sharing has always been

{and still is} important to us.

This year our youngest daughter decided

she wanted to try basketball.

So, who was the mom standing on the blue bleachers


Take it away!”

“TAKE. IT. A. WAY.!!!”  ???


It was me.

You know…the one big on sharing.


It is no wonder that kids even have a chance

to grow up and be balanced and well-grounded.


Grace….the only explanation.

Happy Tuesday~


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