Watching them Flourish…..and Learning

This past weekend was spent in concerts.

It was a pleasure.

All three of our children are violinists.

We have two that play in a pre-professional orchestra…and one that prefers to play, but not perform.

It is such a joy to watch your children flourish in different areas as they grow up.

To be affirmed in their hard work and talents….

On Saturday their concerts were here locally…

but on Sunday they performed out of town in a historic train station that has been turned into

a performing venue….so cool!

Afterward there was a reception in the depot to celebrate a weekend of hard work.

Aren’t these floors awesome??!!  They remind me of our floors throughout our home..which were taken out of a 200 year-old Civil War home here in the South US.

Relaxing before the concert starts…

Entering in…….

Waiting for the conductor’s baton…..

Pouring out lovely music……

As I watched these performances this weekend…..I was reminded of life.

We have seasons of relaxing….gaining strength for what lies ahead….soaking in.

But then we get the call…the nudge…the leading…and must enter in to what it is we know we need to do.

We need to find our assigned seat and make sure our music is ready.

A new season.

But even after taking our seat, we need to wait for the Conductor’s baton….just the right timing…because the Conductor knows.

Another season.

Then comes the doing, the pouring out….we’ve been given all we need to do it….and we have the Conductor’s baton guiding us through the whole time if we keep our eyes on it.

Another season.

I was reminded of a problem I have.

In life I don’t always wait for the Conductor’s baton.

Sometimes it takes too long….and I wonder if He forgot about the concert.

But He didn’t.

The Conductor’s timing is always impeccable and always to be relied upon.

He knows things like…when there’s a musician whose instrument isn’t quite in tune and ready to play.


Or when there’s a musician that is on the wrong page of music.


Or when the audience is ready to receive the gift about to be given to them.


Yep, the Conductor knows things that the musicians don’t.

Waiting for the baton~


Love to hear from you guys.......

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