Monday Thankfuls & Some Explaining…..

My alarm clock woke me up this morning with the 1943 version of

“Beautiful Dreamer”.

What a great way to start the week!

{I love the 1940’s…I think I was born too late!}

Well….we got all of the pine straw out,

and a few other things done in the yard.

It added the woo to my hoo….

I have laughed and laughed at some of the inquiries

I’ve received about ‘putting out pine straw’.

I should have explained myself….

but instead I regionalized myself! ha!

We have a large English cottage garden which must

be mulched lightly in the autumn and heavily in the spring.

Living here in the Southeast US….using wood chips

is not very wise.  It is so humid and hot here…wood chips draw every

termite from miles away!  So, we mulch our gardens with pine straw.

And a southern way of saying that is:

“Putting out pine straw” 😉


Funny….I googled that phrase and it only appears on southern

blogs and businesses.  hahahahaha!

So….we spent the weekend mulching our garden with

pine straw….which is pine needles from pine trees.

It takes about 50 bales of pine straw to cover all of

our gardens.  Whew! That’s a lot of ‘putting out’.

I hope your weekend was great….

we did manage to get in some fun bike rides

and 4-leaf clover hunts.

Handsome is the 4-leaf-clover finding king!

He found four yesterday…and one 5-leaf.

Are you getting ready to spring clean?  Head on over

to Shannon & Dean’s blog, {aka} Design, for a great

printable Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Happy Monday to you~

Today I am thankful for:

~ bike rides on beautiful days

~ nicely padded bike seats

~ 4-leaf clover

~ time in the garden

~ family working together

~ blog readers who leave fun comments

~ spring!

Sharing my thankfuls with: Multitudes on Mondays at A Holy Experience


3 thoughts on “Monday Thankfuls & Some Explaining…..

  1. Sounds like you had fun despite the putting out the pine straw. I also started clean the yard this weekend. Taking full advantage of the warm weather here in New York. Cleaned up my porch it’s now ready for the spring decorations

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