The Girl After My Own Heart…….

Twelve years ago she appeared.

Strength incarnate….

Her full name means ‘Victorious Wise One’

And she lives it out daily.

Less than a minute old and she pushed up

on those strong little arms and looked deeply into my eyes.

She had been wondering what I looked like….

and I her. She had things to do, and was ready to get on with it!

She has always been full of wonder

and loves to learn.

Her smile has always lit up the room wherever she went.

She loves hanging with her Daddy…..blowing dandelions and hunting for clover.

and having adventures with her Mom.

She is a girl after my own heart.

She teaches me so much.

We love to have fun adventures like going to the vintage

clothes store and trying on all the clothes.

Taking NYC by storm.

Oh, how she loves NYC!

And I love sharing this special place in my heart with her.

Something goes wrong?

She has perfected the “Who Me?”

She is the apple of her brother’s eye…

and they love to perform together.

Sisters…iron sharpens iron.

These two are best buds and sharpeners all in one!

A powerful duo.

She is a born leader….and is headed for great things.

{With a flair, of course!}

Forever the entertainer….

she keeps everyone in stitches.

Why she has loved to always put crazy things on her head….

we have yet to figure out.

She runs the race that is set before her

with grace, perseverance, and integrity.

She loves animals and people.

And thrives when surrounded by both.

She loves caring for them.

She is loving, kind, strong,

diligent, hard-working, entertaining,

creative, super talented, and beautiful inside and out….

She is an incredible writer.

She wrote a short novelย when she was only 6!

I love this picture of her…

feeding sheep.

It speaks so much about my youngest.

On a daily basis she truly does

feed sheep…whichever ones cross her path.

And today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday, girl after my own heart.

I am so glad to be gifted with you!

My Heart to You~



12 thoughts on “The Girl After My Own Heart…….

    • Doesn’t she, though!? That blue thing is a full size bed blanket! ha! I have a hard time getting the towel to stay on my head after a shower. Maybe she can give me lessons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter.My daughter will be 13 in November.I still have time before she turns into a teen.The years go by so fast.My daughter sounds allot like your daughter.Loves to read,write stories,Loves animals.She also loves art and she is in track was in cross country.

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