Fun in the Garden….

I hope you all had a super weekend!

It was beautiful here and we were outside Friday-Sunday.

Loved it!

We had a lot of fun planting this past weekend.

We  planted a salad garden {I’ll share about that later this week.}

And added lots of new herbs to the herb garden.

I thought I would share an idea that I shared at the very

beginning of this blog….since so many of you

weren’t with me then. 🙂

We love adding these Milk Crates filled with herbs or flowers

in neat places in our garden…nestled in somewhere.


Milk Crate Herb Garden

{Originally posted last year}

It has been unbearably hot here for weeks now—and my poor herb garden is looking wimpy!  I have a large herb garden that I love and use almost everyday.  The unseasonable heat has made it hard to keep lush—SO, I started planting some small container herb gardens with my favorite, most used herbs; making it easier to keep moist and ready-to-use.

I love vintage metal baskets of any kind—-locker baskets, milk crates, etc.  I nab them whenever I see them.  I remember putting my towel and pool stuff in a locker basket each day at the pool when I was growing up.  {Remember those silver/galvanized?, metal pool pins you had to have to get into the pool?  They had a little number on them.  Love those, too. I sometimes kept mine on my towel—and it would leave rust spots by the end of the summer.}

This past weekend I pulled out one of my Flavo-Rich metal milk crates and filled it with a mini herb garden.  I love it—and it adds some fun character to a hole I had in the garden.  Nestled right in with the ballerina roses and gardenia.

Here’s What You Need:

metal crate of any kind

moss or window box/hanging basket fiber insert

potting soil–I like organic Miracle Grow with moisture control


Here’s How Ya Do It:

1.  Line your crate with the moss or fiber–you may have to cut it and piece it in to fit.  I had a round one on hand that I had to cut into several pieces.  Once you fill it with soil and plant it—the piecing will not show.  My crate has about 6 different pieces—but looks seamless.

2.  Fill with soil

3.  Plant herbs—to keep it from looking wimpy fill it up! There are six plants in my planter.  Just since this weekend {4 days ago} they have filled in and you can no longer see the dirt!  Looks great!  You will be harvesting them, so you want it to be lush.

4.  Find the just right spot to nestle it in!

5.  Soak it with water

While at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend I found the neatest plant to add to our garden!  Horseradish!  It grows very well here and is very prolific!  You harvest the roots in the fall —- we will have fresh, homemade horseradish!  So excited.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes—new territory here, having to learn about it.  It is a perennial.  You harvest the larger roots and re-plant the others to come back and multiply for the next year. Fun!

The horseradish is starting to come back for this year! Yay!
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Have a great Monday~

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8 thoughts on “Fun in the Garden….

  1. Looks AEWSOME!!!So green and lush,I Too LOVE to grow Horseradish!!! Its still cool here in upstate NY but stop over and check out whats happening in my gardens:)

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