Salad Garden in a Chicken Feeder……

Well, if I can’t have chickens right now….

I can at least have a chicken feeder.

And plant salad in it! Right!!???

{I so badly want chickens….especially aracaunas,

with their gorgeous blue eggs.}

This past winter I found this great vintage chicken feeder

at The Nest….LOVE this store!

For the winter it lived on our new dining room sideboard

filled with some of our ironstone collection.

But now that the beautiful spring weather is here

I needed a special, protective spot for our salad garden.

**enter audible lightbulb sound**

The chicken feeder! Perfect!

 We nestled it among the spent daffodils and in front

of the hawthorne to give it a bit of a break from the heat.

A salad garden needs full sun….but here, where it gets

so very hot, it needs a bit of protection.

We can only grow salad plants here in Eastern NC through mid-June….

and then again in the autumn. They are cool weather plants.

 In the feeder we planted several different kinds of lettuces,

arugula, mustard greens, kale, salad burnet, etc.

  No matter where you live…or how much room you have…..

anyone can have a salad garden.  We use to keep salad and herb garden planters

on our patio when we first got married and lived in an apartment.

You can plant it in any kindof galvanized container….chicken feeder, tub,

water cooler, bucket, trash can, etc.

I actually knew of a man here in NC

that planted over two dozen galvanized trash cans with

flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc.  People would drive by

his house just to check out the “Trashcan Garden”.

It was really cool!

Here’s what you need:

any kind of container….preferably galvanized

potting soil…we like Organic Miracle Gro or Moisture Control

salad plants..try some new ones that you’ve never had before!

Here’s How Ya Do It:

1.  Drill holes in your container if it doesn’t already have any…not too many, though; just enough to have good drainage.

2. Fill your container with soil.

3.  Have fun planting your plants!  Fill in the container….don’t leave too much space!

4. Put it in a sunny spot

Don’t you guys love my long, drawn out, complicated tutorials?

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Happy Tuesday~

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