Last Friday Handsome & I spent the day at

Tryon Palace…..enjoying the gardens and

the annual Heritage Plant Sale.

I love the potager at Tryon Palace…..

ooooooo, I’d love to have one like it!

Throughout the potager {traditional kitchen garden}

they have many espaliered fruit trees.

Figs, apples, pears.

Espalier is a French word that originally meant

“something to rest the shoulder against”;

but it now refers to the practice of training woody

plants/trees in a shape that makes it easier to

get to the fruit and saves much space in the garden.

Here are some of the espaliers at Tryon Palace…..

Here are some other fun ones that I found on the internet.



Here is a pear tree……


Isn’t this one great!? This is an apple tree!


 These are grapevines…



 The steps to espalier…..



And different ways to espalier…..


Have you ever espaliered anything in your garden?

I have espaliered several trees in past gardens,

but we do not have any in our

current cottage garden.

It’s not only functional, but so beautiful.

Leave it to the French to make functional gorgeous!


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Enjoy your weekend~


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