Deadheading Life…….

Deadheading is an important part of gardening.

Sometimes it is great therapy for me…..

to go out on the porch and deadhead all the pansies;

or out into the garden with my shears and deadhead the roses.

Deadheading is the practice of removing spent blooms

from a plant… that it will keep blooming.

For many plants, if you don’t deadhead them,

they will stop blooming.

As I was removing the spent blooms on

the pansies on the porch the other day

it reminded me of how important it is for

us to remove spent blooms in our life.

In keeping with my Word of the Year, Intentional,

I’ve tried to pay close attention to what is blooming

in my life and what needs to be deadheaded lately.

 What blooms, even though they were lovely,

are now spent…..and need to be removed

so even lovelier blooms can take their place.

They have served their purpose.

Their color was outstanding…their beauty incredible;

but if left on the plant they will stunt other blooms

from being created….causing the plant to send

all of its energy  to keep a wilted bloom alive.

Just like us.

Their are things in our life that flourish

and produce wonderful blooms…..

but when their purpose is served it is time to

deadhead those things and make room for

new flowers in our life.

Life needs to be deadheaded.

Anything in your life that you feel has served a great

purpose; but is now spent and needs to be removed?


PS  Wonderful, fabulous Harmony Morrissey……..where are you?  Come on down! You won the big giveaway and we haven’t heard from you, yet!  If we don’t find you by tomorrow we will pick another winner.


7 thoughts on “Deadheading Life…….

  1. What a lovely way of expressing such an important sentiment! You really got me thinking this morning – thanks!

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