A Lovely Day……

A couple of weeks ago Handsome and I took off

on a little road trip to spend the day at

Tryon Palace…..it was the annual spring

Heritage Plant Sale.

This is one of my favorite spots in the palace gardens…..

And, of course, where there is clover…

Handsome always finds a four-leaf one!

Here is the South Lawn….the back of the palace.

We spend several nights here in the summer

at the South Lawn Series…..having a picnic

and listening to the NC Symphony.

This is the potager {kitchen garden} of my dreams!

Love these onions…..

and poppies……..

The houses in this historic town are hundreds of years old.

Being in a coastal town most of the men use to be sailors, fishermen, etc.

So the majority of the houses have widow’s walks:

These special little platform porches on the tops of houses

allowed the wives to go out each day to look over the seas

to see if she could see her husband coming home.

They’ve taken such good care of history in this town.

And you know in any good historic town…..there are

wonderful antiques and flea markets.

Here are my two favorite flags flying together!

Have you taken any fun day trips lately?

If not…I hope you plan a fun day trip soon!

Have a great weekend~


3 thoughts on “A Lovely Day……

  1. This looks so lovely. I agree with you about your favorite spot in the palace garden, as well as your favorite two flags! ;-). Thanks for sharing your trip with us through photos!

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