In the Garden……

May and June are the prettiest months

in our English cottage garden.

Here is the view out our front door right now…..

coreopsis and rose campion….


part of the herb garden…..

At this time of year Lily of the Valley flank our front steps,

and at night when we sit on the steps or porch they smell wonderful!

love the large purple clematis growing on the bird house posts…..

the English cottage roses smell spicy and the color is so pretty…..

my favorite tea rose…Tiffany. I could smell this rose all day!

the Ballerina roses are loaded with blooms for months……

Do you have a garden?  What’s blooming in your garden?

I just love this time of year in the garden…..

the colors, the smells, and the abundance.


Sharing with:  Jennifer Rizzo’s Garden Party


19 thoughts on “In the Garden……

  1. What a beautiful garden, your pictures are gorgeous! I’ve got some ballarina roses as well and some herbs growing right now. I’m looking forward to planting more herbs and flowers.

  2. What a beautiful garden. In my “English Garden” I have foxgloves, iris, dame’s rocket, money plant (in purple and white) and catmint. Few places are more lovely than Missouri in the springtime!

    • Laurette~ It sounds beautiful! I’d love to see it. We have foxgloves and iris, too. I’ve been to Missouri many times, but I don’t think I’ve been in the spring.

    • Karen~ Handsome happens to be very good at laying stone pathways. We purchased gray flagstone and designed the path…then Handsome made it happen!

    • thanks for sharing about the flagstones, Daune… would seem that Handsome and you are perfect together and your garden is breathtaking.

  3. Hey this is Alessa from CHS and my mom is British. I spent every summer growing up in England with her and saw plenty of English gardens! Yours is charming and so colorful. Must have her take a look!

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