My Favorite Pots…..

I hope you all had a super weekend!

We have already had several 92 degree days here,

so the wonderful upper 70’s/mid-80’s of the weekend was a treat.

For those of you that garden….you probably have your favorite kind of pots.

This weekend we began planting in many of our pots….and I thought

I would share my favorite kind with you.

For many years I have collected Guy Wolff clay pots.

They are so beautiful…and each one is unique,

handmade, and has so much character.  They are the pots

used by most historical gardens in the US.

{OK, lets count how many times I have already used the

word ‘pots’ in this post. It’s beginning to make me dizzy.}

Each one of these planting vessels {aha!} has a number on

the inside and is stamped on the outside with the Guy Wolff

signature stamp.  These particular clay plant containers {aha! again}

are also marked ‘greenhouse’. Not that you have to use them for

greenhouse growing…but I love the unique markings on each one.

They evoke Old World charm wherever you use them.

These are the new Guy Wolffs that I added to my collection this year.

I love this tall, skinny one!

Do you collect any particular clay containers 🙂 for your garden?


OK, I’m feeling the need for a 25 Things post….

I think another one is coming…maybe even this week.

May all your pots have flowers in them~


Love to hear from you guys.......

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