Me & My Smelly Confidence…..

I had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!  I hope you did!  More about this year in a moment—for now I’d like to share a special hanging on my wall—-it is a Mother’s Day letter that I received from my youngest daughter a few years ago.  She was 7.  It now hangs, framed, on the wall for me to see each day.

Here is what it says:

My mom is the best mom ever!

She is the perfect mom. I know everything about her.

She is polite, kind, caring, loving, protecting

beautiful, lovely, respectful, orderly, Diligent, humble, truthful,

courageous, giving, and the BEST!  If God showed me

every single mom, I’d pick Daune Pitman.  She should be

“World’s Best Mom Ever!”  She has light brown hair, long hair, blue eyes, soft skin,

a super smelly confidence, daring insides, and the perfect mom skills.

She loves dancing, Coco Chanel’s purfume, yankee candles, the

smell of fire, and her family. She can’t get any better at being a mom!


MINET, HOUR, AND DAY! I love you mom!

From:  Sage      To:  Darling Mom Dear


I love this letter!  But, my favorite parts are:

“I know everything about her.”


“super smelly confidence”

Now, we all know that females have a basic need to be known.  So, wow!  how powerful to be told that someone you love knows everything about you—and still thinks you are great and loves you!  This touches deep into the heart and blesses unknown places!

But “super smelly confidence”?  I had no idea exactly what that was—but it totally peaked my interest and stood out. I was drawn to it—it gave me heart giggles.  I heartily accepted the label with joy—-but I really was curious to know the true meaning—so, I asked.

Here is what she told me:

“Mom, your confidence is so strong that you can smell it!  Any time something goes wrong–you are confident that God will work it out.  Any time I am having trouble and need help, you are confident that I can make it through.  When you go to do something—you do it 1000%—you’re not wishy washy in your decisions……..I can always count on you, Mom—I feel safe with you.”

Whoa! I decided right then and there that I loved having ‘smelly confidence’

and that to be told so was a high honor!

*more heart giggles* {and much joy}

I also made sure to put this letter in a place that I could see it daily—because, the truth is, I don’t always feel like I have smelly confidence—some days I feel like a wimp!  But, I have been told by someone who knows everything about me that I have it—

it helps me on those wimpy days.

This year she wrote me quite another special letter. Another treasure to add to my lovely collection. My heart is full. Handsome and the kids took me on a fun picnic by a pond.

We had a great time…..found another heart rock to add to our collection.

A huge tree full of mulberries!

The kids kept leaving trail signs…..

can you see it? Yes….a warning to not step in the poop! {There’s lots of geese at this pond and they have had lots of babies….so there’s a lot to step in if you’re not careful!} ha!

Handsome was able to try out his new hiking shoes on the blazed trails.

And, here in Eastern NC…there’s LOTS of this….

poison ivy! It was everywhere.

I had a super fun Mother’s Day! I certainly hope you guys did.

What did you do yesterday?

Smell-ily Yours~


6 thoughts on “Me & My Smelly Confidence…..

  1. Hi,
    I love all the attributes your daughter listed. I’d say you’re an awesome mom! 🙂 They give us such beautiful treasures to hold forever.

    Came by from Diana’s blog and glad I did! I’m a new follower so will be looking around at more of your creativity.


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