The Nook……

After creating a neat little garden room that we aptly named “The Nook”, we realized that to really be a ‘nook’ it needed more privacy. {It sat right beside the property line.}  A few years earlier when visiting some friends I noticed a huge stack of shutters by the road—they were renovating the outside of their home and throwing out the old shutters.   EEEEEEKKKKKK!   Throwing out!!????  I immediately loaded them into the car and hauled them home—not knowing at the time what I’d do with them; but I knew it would be fun!

So, here we are needing Nook privacy–and a shed full of wooden shutters.  Handsome went out and purchased four 4 x 4 posts, hinged the shutters together; and after cementing the posts in the ground nailed our hinged shutter fence to them!  We are not sure why our friends had two different colors of shutters on the outside of their house??  White for some, gray for the others…….. BUT, didn’t matter to us, because we painted them a wonderful French blue.  {We painted the other side a bark color to blend in with the trees—since this was the side facing our neighbors.  We weren’t sure they would be as excited about the French blue as we were.  In fact, we know that they wouldn’t be.}

So, if you come across (or already have!) some old wooden shutters—have fun making a little nook for yourself!

Before they were painted:

….and here is the finished product:

Here’s what you need to make a fence out of old shutters:

*  as many shutters as you would like the fence long–we have 10-6 feet high shutters

*  4 x 4 posts (that are 2 feet taller than your shutters)—about 1 every 3-4 shutters (depending on the width of your shutters)

*  2 sets of hinges for each set of shutters

*  nails/screw to attach shutters to posts

*  cement for posts

Here’s how ya do it:

1.  Paint the back side of the shutters—once installed you will not be able to get to this side! (Be aware of any neighbors that may not be as excited about your nook as you are–so, be considerate in your color choices for their side. )

2.  Measure off how many feet apart you will need a post, dig a hole that is 2′ deep, put post in, fill with cement.  When dry, cover with dirt.

3.  Attach shutters together with hinges—make sure the ‘hinge’ is on the back side, spread out flat

4.  Once cement has dried—usually 24 hours—attach shutter sections to posts using nails or screws. (Screws are a bit more sturdy for this project, but nails will work just fine.)

5.  Paint your side of the fence!  {When we painted ours–we didn’t make it opaque, we wanted a weathered look.  That is hard to see in the pictures—if that is the look you are looking for it will only take one coat.)

6.  Cozy up your Nook with furniture, plants, walkways, etc.

7.  Sit and listen to birdsong while sipping your coffee!

In the Nook~

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34 thoughts on “The Nook……

  1. What a lovely little retreat you have created for yourselves with your nook! It looks like a peaceful place to sit and relax!

  2. Love love love this! I too recycled old shutters only they were on this house when we bought it. I painted them all different colors and we first hinged them together and tried to use them as a privacy screen on the little porch. However, they kept falling over, so we took them apart and the husband screwed them to our fence. Now they provide some color, since there is so much shade, it is hard to have flowers there.

  3. Perfect! I have a small side yard “room” that needs privacy. I wasn’t wild about fencing and Innkeeper Dave wasn’t wild about another hedge to trim (we already have over 250 ft of hedges.) This could be the compromise! I often see free louvered doors on Craig’s List but rarely shutters. It could be fun with different widths of doors.

  4. I think your nook is just charming! I hope your neighbors are okay with it too. They could create their own little nook on the other side!

    • Yes, they could….but they aren’t quite the ‘nook’ type. 🙂 The brown on the other side blends in so well with the bushes/hedges, I think it’s ok. 🙂

  5. What a great idea! Definitely keeping this in mind for once our new house is actually built and we move onto the landscaping (we are building the house now – feel free to check out the progress!). I know the restore would have a lot of shutters!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this creative idea on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love the blue shutters, they’re perfect! It really makes a great difference in the privacy of your house.


  7. Amazing – throwing them out!
    What a lovely idea – the shutters make your nook perfect! I just love the French blue color – striking! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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