The Worst Four-Letter Word Ever…..

As I looked around our cottage the other day

I saw these things:

Garden stakes waiting to be used or packaged…..

 Napkins waiting to be shipped out….

 Vintage chalkboards waiting to be put together…..

 Waiting for these inanimate objects is no big deal.  They would do it forever…doesn’t bother them a bit.  They would stay right there until they rot.

But me? The worst four-letter word in the world is:



I’m just not of the encampment variety…..I like to move ahead, blaze trails, hit the road.

But definitely not wait.

We’ve always told our children that there are three answers to a question:

1. Yes

2. No

3. Not right now {a.k.a. wait}

It’s their least favorite, too.

For some reason our human skin feels like acid has been poured on it when we hear that word……so why is it so important? What purpose does waiting serve? When God has put me in a waiting spot…waiting for my prayers to be answered, etc…..why is that?

I tried to think of it on the flip side….when I am the one saying ‘wait’ as a parent.

 As hard as it is..waiting serves an important purpose.  Maybe we are being prepared…we’re not quite ready for what we are asking for or waiting on.

Or maybe we simply need to rest…God knows it, but we don’t. We’re weary and He knows that it’s not time to forge ahead and move on; but time to just rest and be renewed.

Maybe we are healing….and that takes time.

Maybe it’s simply that it’s not time yet for whatever it is we think we want or need.

Maybe it’s for protection…..there could be a storm ahead…

True musicians know that the real music is found in the pauses {the waits}; without them it wouldn’t be music at all.  Your waits are creating your lifesong….without them it would just be noise.

How do you feel about waiting…is it easy or hard for you?

Several years ago one of our Christmas cards was about waiting… can read it here, if you’d like. 🙂

Trying to be patient~


2 thoughts on “The Worst Four-Letter Word Ever…..

  1. Oh my goodness… You’ve done it again!!! You’re amazing. I had a ROTTEN night last night because I had to wait to do something (DIY project in it’s final stages & that I need my guy’s help with). Because I had to wait I got crabby and super mopey so sent myself to bed. Reading THIS POST is unbelievably calming & puts it all in perspective. THANK YOU DAUNE. I’m SO glad I found your blog ~ it [and you] are a blessing in my life. P.S. I read your Christmas card and LOVE it! “Waiting is the part between the wish and the thing.” May I borrow that????

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