25 Things {No. 2}

I have wanted to do a “25 Things” post for a few weeks…..I think today is just the day to do it. If you’d like to read my last “25 Things” post you can go here.


1. I think putting bananas in banana pudding completely ruins it.

2.  Banana pudding should have no bananas and extra Nilla wafers.

3.  I’ve never thrown up in my whole life.

4. {I’m not bragging….pride goes before a fall, and I really have no desire to fall in this particular area.}

5.  Overwhelming panic strikes me when I hear the garbage truck coming down the street and we have forgotten to take the garbage out!

6. I have learned that mascara is, in fact, NOT made of bat poop.

7. I wanted to share this knowledge with you in case any of you were worried.

8. I hang out with a crazy group of middle school girls on Wednesday nights……and they tell me strange things.

9. I worry about them sometimes.

10. It took me several weeks to convince them that they were not putting bat poop on their beautiful eyes.

11. After going without sugar for 40 days it is not a good idea to eat cheesecake with sweet tea and a cinnamon roll.

12. Not that I’ve ever done that, of course, I was just giving you a wise warning.

13. It could put someone who has never thrown up on the verge of doing so.

14. I am simple in needs, and extravagant in taste.

15. I think that is why I’m drawn to French and European things.

16. This is what I overheard in the car on the way home the other day:

Handsome: “That dirt was really yummy.”

12 year-old: “If I was an American Indian my name would be ‘Tricycle on the Highway’.”

14 year-old: “Can you be adopted when you turn 18?”

16 year-old: {while gazing intently into the straw of his iced tea} “I looooooovvvvvveee you.”

17. I tried not to ponder or think about the above comments too much.

18. It would have made me want to run far away.

19. In fact, when we stopped at the next stop light I almost jumped out of the car and did just that.

20. I had one of those “Where did I go wroooooooonnng?” moments.

21. I actually had 5 or 6 of those moments.

22. When spring comes around I have to get back int he habit of shaving my legs every day.

23. I get a bit slack in the winter. Sad, but true.

24. We were at one of my children’s concerts the other day and when I crossed my legs it was obvious I had not gotten back in the habit.

25. I think my family had one of those “Where did we go wroooooonnnnggggg?” moments.

Sincerely Yours~

Tricycle on the Highway’s Mom


12 thoughts on “25 Things {No. 2}

  1. I think I can relate to almost all of your 25 things, well except 3 or 6. You are wonderful!! LOVE your 25 things post, my dear!!! But I am afraid to tell you that you are, indeed, pretty “normal”. At least, with this group of ladies!!!

  2. 14 n 15 is a killer. i love to catch upon what i missed from the last time i visited your blog. simply love to read your blog on a leisurely day. have been following u for a year now. keep writing

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