Summer Dreaming…

Today is the first day of summer….to me.

I know that the calendar says that the official first day of summer is a few weeks away, but to me…June 1 is the first day of summer!  Woohoo! I’m ready.

I’m looking forward to a fun weekend….it will be a packed-full-of-fun kind of weekend.

Tomorrow is the annual Dinner on the Grounds day hosted by the local Historical Society at a Civil War church here in our town.  I love dinner on the grounds… old-fashioned homecoming. Our whole family looks forward to it each year and we have so much fun.

After that we are headed to enjoy the NC Symphony perform at Tryon Palace….the South Lawn Series has begun for the summer! Something else we look forward to during summer. Having a lovely picnic while listening to the symphony….the perfect summer evening.

And then on Sunday…..heading to the beach. {It’s great to live so close to the beach that you can go for the day!} We are mountain people…..but we still love the beach. 🙂

In honor of the first day of summer….here are some pictures that say summer to me.

{Click on each picture for the source.}

Summer evening dinners outside…..everything tastes better!

Late afternoons on the beach…..aaaahhhhhhh

Quiet lakes and ponds….canoes, kayaks….pondering and wandering.

Path to a perfect day……

Mornings at the farmers’ market……..

Sand angels!

Books, books, and more books! Summer is for wonderful reading under a tree…

Fresh honey….

Picnics in fun places….anywhere works for a picnic!

Art on the beach…great combination.

There’s nothing better than a good road trip!

I will never outgrow swings…….

You can follow all of my picture inspiration on Pinterest Here.

Or if you have an iPhone follow on instagram: cottageintheoaks

I hope your weekend is just loverly!

Happy Summer~


2 thoughts on “Summer Dreaming…

  1. Love these pictures – so peaceful. I was up there in Kinston recently for a family reunion. Love the wide open spaces.

    • Thanks, Janet…Kinston recently had quite a bit of flooding with all the crazy storms we’ve been having….hope you didn’t have bad weather! 🙂

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