Collectors of Collections….

We love to collect things here at our cottage. I shared about a some of our collections here, here, and here. They are only a few of many….I think we are more collectors of collections!

I love to see what others collect…..I think our collections are part of our story; and when someone shares why they collect what they do I feel like I have a deeper insight into who they are.

Check out some of these collections……

{Click on each pic for the source}

What do you collect?

I didn’t include pics of clown collections…they scare me.

There’s only two things in the world that I can remember scaring me.

Clowns. Pumpkins.

I’ve overcome the whole pumpkin fear…the clowns, well…they are just creepy.

Any collections at your cottage?


4 thoughts on “Collectors of Collections….

  1. I LOVE your blog! These photos {especially the clocks & buttons} are fabulous ~ makes me want to start collecting clocks! My collection? PEARS. Big ones, little ones, metal, wood, concrete, candles, doorstops, artwork, you name it ~ I’ve got it. All very tasteful of course! Due to a recent move and loss of space, most of them now reside in our kitchen. I did a French theme, painted a ginormous pear on one wall {very subtle colors} and stenciled ‘Welcome to PEARis’ ~ it’s pretty cute.

    BTW ~ I hate clowns too, but LOVE pumpkins!!! Perhaps you could carve a pumpkin to look like a clown, and then you could get some aggression towards clowns out as you are carving {aka: knifing} the face? Could be therapeutic! ha ha ha

    • Lynn….that would be a hoot! Maybe I’ll try it. 🙂

      I love pears, too! I painted a large picture of a pear that hangs in our upstairs hallway ….. I named it “In due time….” {In due time you shall reap…} There’s just something special about pears.

  2. I love all of these collections and how they displayed them. I collect old radios but don’t have very many yet. (they can be spendy). It’s the displaying them that poses a challenge for me.

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