Just Like Air….God is There.

I do not know why…but lately I have really been struggling with anxiety.

It’s strange…because it is not normal for me. You know, Miss Independent, strong-willed, conquerer, stubborn, take the bull by the horns, not afraid of anything {except clowns and formerly pumpkins}, hard-headed, *ahem* motivated trail blazer me. I’ve just never really been anxious. It’s new territory for me.

Today has really been a horribly anxious day….feeling overwhelmed with so many things!

So I sat my little self down in the porch swing…..and worked on quieting myself. You know..the many voices in my head *ahem* the many thoughts running through my mind.

This is what I saw straight ahead….

….the flag gently blowing in the breeze down at the other end of the porch.

I longed to be like that flag….moving gently with the tossing of winds…riding the very thing that topples and destroys others.

Watching the flag move gently with each breeze I noticed that even when the wind whipped up….it didn’t get all tied or knotted up….it continued to keep its rhythm and grace. It used the wind to contribute to its beauty.

It also reminded me that ‘Just Like Air…God is There…’ Even when I can’t feel Him or see Him…..He is there for me.  When the winds blow and I’m being tossed about…if I will rest in Him I, too, can be as graceful as the flag on my porch even in the biggest of winds.

I’ll keep working on this anxiety that has come upon me lately…..and when I need to I’ll go out to the porch and let the flag remind me that

the winds are for riding…not succumbing to.

I hope your weekend is full of relaxing moments on the porch..with a big glass of lemonade or Sweet Tea {we capitalize that here in the South…it’s a proper noun}.

In the porch swing~


7 thoughts on “Just Like Air….God is There.

  1. This is the perfect post. Anxiety has become my constant companion the last couple of years and I need hourly reminders to take a deep breath and keep moving forward. Your analogy to the flag is yet another touchstone for me in those anxious moments. And above all, to remember that God is there no matter what. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I was trying to contact you regarding blogger outreach for work, but while I was looking around, I came across this very timely post! I was trying to encourage my mother this morning over anxiety about a family situation, and she also has a “fettish” with flags! She has a flag for every season 🙂 Anyhow, it was such a great illustration you put forward here, I called her back and read her this, because it was too timely to be a coincidence, so thank you for sharing God’s lesson for you, God directed me to it, and it was SO suitable for her situation today. I’ve printed it off and am going to mail it to her!


    • Angela~

      What a blessing your comment is to me tonight! Thank you…and I am so glad that God used the post to encourage your Mom…I will be praying for her. Blessings to you and your Mom!

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