Drive-ins…Oh, How I Miss Them!

Anyone remember drive-ins?

 I remember going almost every weekend and some weeknights in the summer when I was really little.  {I usually fell asleep in the backseat.} We always had the Pic Mosquito Coil burning on the dash to ward off the pests. Anyone remember those??  I couldn’t believe that you can still buy them! ha!

Remember these? The speakers that you hang on your car door?

We were making a list a few weeks ago of fun things we wanted to do this summer….our summer bucket list. I was remembering the fun things that I grew up doing….some that are no longer an option; or they have changed drastically.

We love simple pleasures…..sitting on the front porch with lemonade and friends, catching fireflies, movie nights outside, cookouts, flashlight tag, days of creating, etc.  Our TV is hardly ever on and we have never had video games, etc. Don’t get me wrong….we appreciate the wonderful gadgets that help us be more efficient and make things easier to accomplish…..but they are just tools around here. Not entertainment…and they definitely do not take the place of speaking to someone or enjoying people in person.

It takes being quite intentional these days to have simple fun. It’s not always easy to have people over for a cookout because everyone is so busy and I’m noticing less and less people that want to take the time for fellowship. Kids are so attached to their cell phones that they aren’t interested in face-to-face fun. {Our kids don’t get cell phones until they are driving…..and they come with boundaries.} They get so frustrated when people come over and sit around and text. No fun. {It’s usually the last time they are invited over….because our kids feel like it’s just no fun to have them. 😦 }

SO, back to the story……another fun memory was West End Drive-In…..we went several times a week.  It no longer exists…but it was similar to this one….

They had the best hot dogs….they were FLAT! It was a hoot. Great krinkly fries and glass-bottle drinks, too.

Blah, blah, blah…..I’m all over the place today.

Back to our summer bucket list…..we found a drive-in theater that is not too far from where we live!  We are so excited!  That definitely went on our list….our kids have never been to a drive-in theater before. We might even have to order a mosquito coil from Amazon to complete the experience!

Too bad we can’t go to the West End Drive-In before we hit the drive-in theater.

What are some fun things that you did in the summer as a child that you would like to share with your children?

Making our list and checking it twice~


14 thoughts on “Drive-ins…Oh, How I Miss Them!

  1. I remember the drive in as a girl too! It was so fun to sit in the car and watch that giant screen! Miss them too. I think it is wonderful that you are raising your children to know how to, and want to, interact with others. Kids who spend all their time on cell phones, video games and the like are sadly lacking in social skills. I worry about what our future holds as people seem more inclined to text than to speak face to face. . .

    I miss sitting out on the stoop, talking with the neighbors and catching fireflies in mayonnaise jars. Playing hopscotch on the sidewalk and roller skating in the street. Eating watermelon and having the juice run down your face and hands. Oh, the simple joys of summer!

  2. I love the drive in, luckily we have one close by still. Every year they show the movie Grease and have an old car show. I love that day!
    One thing that I loved to do when I was a kid was roller skating and bike riding.

  3. We do have a drivein theater near me which I still have not visited.

    I miss the local amusement park and riding on carousel, catching fireflies, playing kick the can.

  4. Eric took me to a drive in for one of our first dates! Your blog is a breath of fresh air in my busy day, today 🙂 Reminding me to enjoy summer and put down my to-do list!

  5. We used to go to Shankweiler’s drive in…’s actually still there. We had several others, but they all closed up. Oh I so remember going….it was so much fun! Thanks for bringing back this great memory! I live in Georgia now, so a drive in is probably out of the question…you’d get eaten by gnats and mosquitos!

    • Sue~ I saw some great pics of Shankweiler’s this week! 🙂 Maybe you could find one in Georgia and get a Pic Mosquito Coil. 🙂 hee!hee! I think most drive-ins now use your car radio for the sound instead of the speakers that hang on the door….so you can keep the windows closed, if necessary. Hmmmmm……I think that would take away from the experience, though. I guess I’ll stick to the mosquito coil.

  6. Minnesota still has some Drive-In’s. We took the two youngest Rancher’s to one two summers ago and they couldn’t wait to go again.


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